Los Angeles/Long Beach

Long Beach Arena and Los Angeles Memorial Sports Coliseum

The Los Angeles Kings played the first few months of the 1967/68 season in the Long Beach Arena and the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Coliseum, before the Great Western Forum was completed.

Long Beach Arena

Location: Long Beach, California
Dates: October 14-15, December 6-16, 1967
Total games: 6
Total goals: 32 by 25 players

Player Goals Notes
Ted Irvine3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Ray Cullen2All with Minnesota North Stars.
Howie Hughes2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Brian Kilrea2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Gord Labossiere2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Fred Stanfield2All with Boston Bruins.
Dave Amadio1With Los Angeles Kings.
Dave Balon1With Minnesota North Stars.
Bob Charlebois1With Minnesota North Stars.
Gary Dornhoefer1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Phil Esposito1With Boston Bruins.
Murray Hall1With Minnesota North Stars.
Pat Hannigan1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Ed Hoekstra1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Fred Hucul1With St. Louis Blues.
Claude Laforge1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Real Lemieux1With Los Angeles Kings.
Lowell MacDonald1With Los Angeles Kings.
Don McKenney1With St. Louis Blues.
Mike McMahon1With Minnesota North Stars.
Eddie Shack1With Boston Bruins.
Brian Smith1With Los Angeles Kings.
Bill Sutherland1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Bob Wall1With Los Angeles Kings.
Tommy Williams1With Boston Bruins.

Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

Location: Los Angeles, California
Dates: October 31, November 2-24, December 19-23, 1967
Total games: 11
Total goals: 63 by 36 players

Player Goals Notes
Brian Smith7All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bryan Campbell5All with Los Angeles Kings.
Eddie Joyal5All with Los Angeles Kings.
Lowell MacDonald4All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bill Flett3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Terry Gray3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Alain Caron2All with Oakland Seals.
Gord Labossiere2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Art Stratton2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Bob Wall2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Red Berenson1With New York Rangers.
Alex Delvecchio1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bob Dillabough1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Reg Fleming1With New York Rangers.
Rod Gilbert1With New York Rangers.
Vic Hadfield1With New York Rangers.
Billy Harris1With Oakland Seals.
Ted Harris1With Montreal Canadiens.
Bill Hicke1With Oakland Seals.
Gordie Howe1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bobby Hull1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Earl Ingarfield1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Ted Irvine1With Los Angeles Kings.
Doug Jarrett1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Mike Laughton1With Oakland Seals.
Real Lemieux1With Los Angeles Kings.
Bob Nevin1With New York Rangers.
Dean Prentice1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bob Pulford1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jean Ratelle1With New York Rangers.
Dale Rolfe1With Los Angeles Kings.
George Swarbrick1With Oakland Seals.
Gilles Tremblay1With Montreal Canadiens.
Norm Ullman1With Detroit Red Wings.
Ken Wharram1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Bill White1With Los Angeles Kings.

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