Neutral site games

Here are lists of all the scorers at "neutral site" games. The NHL had an official series of "neutral site" games from 1992-1994, often to test out new areas where there would later be expansion teams. There were also a few games played at neutral sites in the 1930s. For games at "neutral" sites that were home games for the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1950s, see Chicago's Midwest Tour sites. For "NHL Premiere" series games in Europe and Japan, see NHL Premiere Series See also Winter Classics and Heritage Classics and the NHL Stadium Series.

America West Arena (Phoenix, 1993-1994)
ARCO Arena (Sacramento, 1993-1994)
Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Phoenix, 1992)
Blue Cross Arena (Rochester, 2003, 2005)
Boardwalk Hall (Atlantic City, 1929-1930)
Bradley Center (Milwaukee, 1992-1993)
Carver Arena (Peoria, 1993)
Copps Coliseum (Hamilton, 1992-1994)
Halifax Metro Centre (Halifax, 1993-1994)
Market Square Arena (Indianapolis, 1992)
Miami Arena (Miami, 1992)
Myriad Convention Center (Oklahoma City, 1992)
Omni Coliseum (Atlanta, 1993)
Orlando Arena (Orlando, 1993-1994)
Peace Bridge Arena (Fort Erie, 1929-1930)
Providence Civic Center (Providence, 1993)
Reunion Arena (Dallas, 1992)
Riverfront Coliseum (Cincinnati, 1993)
Saskatchewan Place (Saskatoon, 1992-1994)
Target Center (Minneapolis, 1993-1994)

America West Arena

Phoenix, Arizona; November 9, 1993; January 5, 1994; January 24, 1994; March 8, 1994

America West Arena hosted several neutral site games in the 1993/94 season. It later became the first arena of the Phoenix Coyotes following their move from Winnipeg in 1996.

Player Goals Notes
Joe Murphy2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Lyle Odelein2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Benoit Brunet1With Montreal Canadiens.
Bob Corkum1With Anaheim Ducks.
Russ Courtnall1With Dallas Stars.
Vincent Damphousse1With Montreal Canadiens.
Todd Ewen1With Anaheim Ducks.
Theoren Fleury1With Calgary Flames.
Michel Goulet1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Wayne Gretzky1With Los Angeles Kings.
Jari Kurri1With Los Angeles Kings.
Troy Loney1With Anaheim Ducks.
Mike Modano1With Dallas Stars.
Robert Reichel1With Calgary Flames.
Luc Robitaille1With Los Angeles Kings.
Ron Stern1With Calgary Flames.
Garry Valk1With Anaheim Ducks.

ARCO Arena

Sacramento, California; January 4, February 22, October 21, November 3, 1993; February 8, April 3, 1994

ARCO was used for a number of "neutral site" games in 1993 and 1994.

Player Goals Notes
Kevin Miller3With St. Louis Blues.
Bob Errey2With San Jose Sharks.
Adam Graves2With New York Rangers.
Jaromir Jagr2With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Neil Wilkinson21 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with San Jose Sharks.
Jamie Baker1With San Jose Sharks.
Rob Blake1With Los Angeles Kings.
Doug Brown1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Pat Conacher1With Los Angeles Kings.
Vincent Damphousse1With Montreal Canadiens.
Todd Elik1With San Jose Sharks.
Ron Francis1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Brett Hull1With St. Louis Blues.
Craig Janney1With St. Louis Blues.
Jari Kurri1With Los Angeles Kings.
Stephan Lebeau1With Montreal Canadiens.
Kip Miller1With San Jose Sharks.
Alexander Mogilny1With Buffalo Sabres.
Joe Mullen1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Kirk Muller1With Montreal Canadiens.
Sergei Nemchinov1With New York Rangers.
Frederick Olausson1With Edmonton Oilers.
Ed Olczyk1With New York Rangers.
Sandis Ozolinsh1With San Jose Sharks.
Patrick Poulin1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Luc Robitaille1With Los Angeles Kings.
Mathieu Schneider1With Montreal Canadiens.
Craig Simpson1With Buffalo Sabres.
Darryl Sydor1With Los Angeles Kings.
Rick Tocchet1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Eric Weinrich1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Alexei Zhitnik1With Los Angeles Kings.

Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Phoenix, Arizona; December 8, 1992

The Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum hosted a neutral site game between the Montreal Canadiens and the "home" team Los Angeles Kings.

Player Goals Notes
Vincent Damphousse3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Luc Robitaille2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Paul Coffey1With Los Angeles Kings.
Mike Donnelly1With Los Angeles Kings.
Mike Keane1With Montreal Canadiens.
Jari Kurri1With Los Angeles Kings.
Mathieu Schneider1With Montreal Canadiens.

Blue Cross Arena

Rochester, New York; November 12, 2003; October 26, 2005

Blue Cross Arena has hosted two "home" games for the Buffalo Sabres.

Player Goals Notes
Jeff Friesen21 with New Jersey Devils, 1 with Washington Capitals.
Maxim Afinogenov1With Buffalo Sabres.
Jochen Hecht1With Buffalo Sabres.
Jamie Howard1With Washington Capitals.
Alex Kotalik1With Buffalo Sabres.
Jamie Langenbrunner1With New Jersey Devils.
Petr Sykora1With Washington Capitals.
Chris Taylor1With Buffalo Sabres.

Boardwalk Hall

Atlantic City, New Jersey; December 28, 1929, January 25, 1930, March 15, 1930

Boardwalk Hall was the site of several "home" games for the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Pirates in 1929/30.

Player Goals Notes
Normie Himes3All with New York Americans.
Johnny Gottselig2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Hec Kilrea2All with Ottawa Senators.
Joe Lamb2All with Ottawa Senators.
Jack Adams1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Frank Boucher1New York Rangers.
King Clancy1With Ottawa Senators.
Duke Dutkowski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Art Gagne1With Ottawa Senators.
Leroy Goldsworthy1New York Rangers.
Syd Howe1With Ottawa Senators.
Jim Jarvis1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Eddie Lowrey1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Charlie McVeigh1With New York Americans.
George Patterson1With New York Americans.
Johnny Sheppard1With New York Americans.
Al Shields1With Ottawa Senators.
Joe Simpson1With New York Americans.
Art Somers1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Harold Starr1With Ottawa Senators.
Paul Thompson1New York Rangers.

Bradley Center

Milwaukee, Wiscosin; December 1, 1992; March 16, 1993

Bradley Center hosted two neutral site games in 1992/93.

Player Goals Notes
Tony Granato2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Dale Hunter2All with Washington Capitals.
Corey Millen2All with Washington Capitals.
Dave Christian1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Pat Conacher1With Los Angeles Kings.
Sergei Fedorov1With Detroit Red Wings.
Gerard Gallant1With Detroit Red Wings.
Kevin Hatcher1With Washington Capitals.
Todd Kryger1With Washington Capitals.
Luc Robitaille1With Los Angeles Kings.
Jeremy Roenick1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Christian Ruuttu1With Chicago Blackhawks.

Carver Arena

Peoria, Illinois; February 8, 1993

Carver Arena hosted a neutral site game between the St. Louis Blues and the "home" team Hartford Whalers. The game was originally scheduled to be played in Birmingham, Alabama.

Player Goals Notes
Brendan Shanahan2All with St. Louis Blues.
Kelly Chase1With St. Louis Blues.
Pat Verbeek1With Hartford Whalers.

Copps Coliseum

Hamilton, Ontario; October 20, November 17, November 18, 1992; March 1, November 18, 1993; January 4, February 22, March 23, 1994

Copps Coliseum hosted numerous neutral site games from 1992-1994.

Player Goals Notes
Stu Barnes2All with Florida Panthers.
Pavel Bure2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Doug Gilmour2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Pat Lafontaine2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Dmitri Mironov2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Pierre Turgeon2All with New York Islanders.
Keith Acton1With New York Islanders.
Nikolai Borchevsky1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Neil Brady1With Ottawa Senators.
Tom Chorske1With New Jersey Devils.
Wendel Clark1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Steve Duschesne1With Quebec Nordiques.
Pat Elynuik1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Dale Hawerchuk1With Buffalo Sabres.
Benoit Hogue1With New York Islanders.
Mike Hough1With Florida Panthers.
Mike Krushelnyski1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
John Leblanc1With Winnipeg Jets.
Gary Leeman1With Montreal Canadiens.
Trevor Linden1With Vancouver Canucks.
Norm MacIver1With Ottawa Senators.
Scott Mellanby1With Florida Panthers.
Rob Ray1With Buffalo Sabres.
Russell Romaniuk1With Winnipeg Jets.
Cliff Ronning1With Vancouver Canucks.
Joe Sakic1With Quebec Nordiques.
Alexander Semark1With New Jersey Devils.
Mats Sundin1With Quebec Nordiques.
Steve Thomas1With New York Islanders.
Sylvain Turgeon1With Ottawa Senators.
Dixon Ward1With Vancouver Canucks
Valeri Zelepukin1With New Jersey Devils.

Halifax Metro Centre

Halifax, Nova Scotia; February 20, October 31, 1993; March 9, 1994

Halifax Metro Centre hosted several neutral site games in 1993/94.

Player Goals Notes
Sergei Nemchinov4All with New York Rangers.
Mike Gartner3All with New York Rangers.
Mike Ricci2All with Quebec Nordiques.
Brian Bradley1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Kevin Hatcher1With Washington Capitals.
Mike Hough1With Quebec Nordiques.
Mike Hudson1With New York Rangers.
Dale Hunter1With Washington Capitals.
Steve Konowalchuk1With Washington Capitals.
Alex Kovalev1With New York Rangers.
Nick Kypreos1With New York Rangers.
Brian Leetch1With New York Rangers.
Bernie Nicholls1With New Jersey Devils.
Michal Pivonka1With Washington Capitals.
Mike Ridley1With Washington Capitals.
Martin Rucinsky1With Quebec Nordiques.
Joe Sakic1With Quebec Nordiques.
Rob Zamuner1With Tampa Bay Lightning.

Market Square Arena

Indianapolis, Indiana; November 3, 1992

Market Square Arena hosted a neutral site game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the "home" team Washington Capitals in 1992.

Player Goals Notes
Peter Bondra1With Washington Capitals.
Sylvain Cote1With Washington Capitals.
Keith Jones1With Washington Capitals.
Paul MacDermid1With Washington Capitals.
Stephane Matteau1With Chicago Blackhawks.

Myriad Convention Center

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; December 13, 1992

Myriad Convention Center hosted a neutral site game between the Edmonton Oilers and the "home" team New York Islanders in 1992.

Player Goals Notes
Tom Fitzgerald2All with New York Islanders.
Steve Thomas2All with New York Islanders.
Brian Glynn1With Edmonton Oilers.

Omni Coliseum

Atlanta, Georgia; February 8, 1993

Omni Coliseum was the home of the Atlanta Flames until they moved to Calgary in 1980. It hosted a neutral site game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins in 1993.

Player Goals Notes
Kevin Stevens2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Shawn McEachern1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Rick Tocchet1With Pittsburgh Penguins.

Orlando Arena

Orlando, Florida; December 14, 26, 1993; January 2, 24, March 20, 1994

Orlando Arena was the site of a number of "home" games for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1993/94.

Player Goals Notes
Danton Cole2All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Mikael Andersson1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Shawn Chambers1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Rob DiMaio1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Peter Douris1With Anaheim Ducks.
Jody Hull1With Florida Panthers.
Calle Johansson1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Keith Jones1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Chris Joseph1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Andrei Lomakin1With Florida Panthers.
Kelly Miller1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Kirk Muller1With Montreal Canadiens.
Brian Skrudland1With Florida Panthers.
Garry Valk1With Anaheim Ducks.
David Williams1With Anaheim Ducks.
Terry Yake1With Anaheim Ducks.
Rob Zamuner1With Tampa Bay Lightning.

Peace Bridge Arena

Fort Erie, Ontario; February 10, 14, 17, March 7, 10 1929; February 12, March 8, 18, 1930

The Peace Bridge Arena hosted a number of Chicago Blackhawks "home" games in 1929 while they were unable to use the Chicago Coliseum. It was also the site of a number of Pittsburgh Pirates "home" games in 1930.

Player Goals Notes
Herb Drury2All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Gord Fraser2All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Stan McCabe2All with Detroit Cougars
Vic Ripley2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Taffy Abel1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Larry Aurie1With Detroit Cougars.
Marty Barry1With Boston Bruins.
Cliff Barton1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Dit Clapper1With Boston Bruins.
Tommy Cook1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Rosario Couture1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Harold Darragh1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Art Gagne1With Montreal Canadiens.
Dutch Gainor1With Boston Bruins.
Johnny Gottselig1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Herbie Lewis1With Detroit Cougars.
Mickey MacKay1With Boston Bruins.
Charlie McVeigh1With New York Americans.
Hib Milks1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Harry Oliver1With Boston Bruins.
George Owen1With Boston Bruins.
Eric Pettinger1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Eddie Shore1With Boston Bruins.
Jessie Spring1With Pittsburgh Penguins.

Providence Civic Center

Providence, Rhode Island; March 16, 1993

Providence Civic Center hosted a neutral site game between the New Jersey Devils and the "home" team Boston Bruins in 1993.

Player Goals Notes
Claude Lemieux1With New Jersey Devils.
Cam Neely1With Boston Bruins.
Adam Oates1With Boston Bruins.
Dave Reid1With Boston Bruins.

Riverfront Coliseum

Cincinnati, Ohio; February 16, 1993

Riverfront Coliseum hosted a neutral site game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the "home" team Calgary Flames in 1993.

Player Goals Notes
Rob Brind'amour1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Pelle Eklund1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Brent Fedyk1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Theoren Fleury1With Calgary Flames.
Eric Lindros1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Joe Nieuwendyk1With Calgary Flames.
Gary Roberts1With Calgary Flames.
Rob Stern1With Calgary Flames.

Saskatchewan Place

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; October 13, 1992; January 18, February 23, March 11, December 23, 1993; January 24, 1994

Saskatchewan Place hosted a number of neutral site games from 1992-1994.

Player Goals Notes
Pavel Bure5All with Vancouver Canucks.
Evgeny Davydov3All with Winnipeg Jets.
Thomas Steen3All with Winnipeg Jets.
Jason Arnott2All with Edmonton Oilers.
John Druce2All with Winnipeg Jets.
Dave Gagner2All with Minnesota North Stars.
Trevor Linden2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Joe Nieuwendyk2All with Calgary Flames.
Teppo Numminen2All with Winnipeg Jets.
Teemu Selanne2All with Winnipeg Jets.
Keith Tkachuk2All with Winnipeg Jets.
Bob Beers1With Edmonton Oilers.
Andrew Cassels1With Hartford Whalers.
Zdeno Ciger1With Edmonton Oilers.
Russ Courtnall1With Minnesota North Stars.
Mike Craig1With Minnesota North Stars.
Murray Craven1With Hartford Whalers.
Theoren Fleury1With Calgary Flames.
Martin Gelinas1With Vancouver Canucks.
Jody Hull1With Ottawa Senators.
Dane Jackson1With Vancouver Canucks.
Mark Janssens1With Hartford Whalers.
Kris King1With Winnipeg Jets.
Robert Kron1With Vancouver Canucks.
Bob Kudelski1With Ottawa Senators.
Nick Kypreos1With Hartford Whalers.
Mike McPhee1With Minnesota North Stars.
Mike Modano1With Minnesota North Stars.
Michael Nylander1With Hartford Whalers.
Joel Otto1With Calgary Flames.
Brian Propp1With Minnesota North Stars.
Paul Ranheim1With Calgary Flames.
Gary Roberts1With Calgary Flames.
Cliff Ronning1With Vancouver Canucks.
Geoff Sanderson1With Hartford Whalers.
Darrin Shannon1With Winnipeg Jets.
Jiri Slegr1With Vancouver Canucks.
Ron Stern1With Calgary Flames.
Zarley Zalapski1With Hartford Whalers.

Target Center

Minneapolis, Minnesota; December 9, 31, 1993; January 17, March 4, 18, 27, 1994

Target Center hosted a number of neutral site games from 1993-1994.

Player Goals Notes
Dave Gagner2With Dallas Stars.
Mike Modano2With Dallas Stars.
Ray Sheppard2With Detroit Red Wings.
Dave Barr1With Dallas Stars.
Rob Brind'amour1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Paul Cavallini1With Dallas Stars.
Paul Coffey1With Detroit Red Wings.
Nelson Emerson1With Winnipeg Jets.
Ray Ferraro1With New York Islanders.
Travis Green1With New York Islanders.
Bill Guerin1With New Jersey Devils.
Roman Hamrlik1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Valeri Kamensky1With Quebec Nordiques.
Petr Klima1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Vladimir Konstantinov1With Detroit Red Wings.
Claude Lapointe1With Quebec Nordiques.
Claude Lemieux1With New Jersey Devils.
Eric Lindros1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Dave McLlwain1With Ottawa Sabres.
Corey Millen1With New Jersey Devils.
Boris Mironov1With Winnipeg Jets.
Cam Neely1With Boston Bruins.
Mike Peluso1With New Jersey Devils.
Keith Primeau1With Detroit Red Wings.
Mark Recchi1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Mikael Renberg1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Stephane Richer1With New Jersey Devils.
Gordie Roberts1With Boston Bruins.
Darrin Shannon1With Winnipeg Jets.
Richard Smehlik1With Buffalo Sabres.
Bryan Smolinski1With Boston Bruins.
Thomas Steen1With Winnipeg Jets.
Keith Tkachuk1With Winnipeg Jets.
Randy Wood1With Buffalo Sabres.
Alexei Yashin1With Ottawa Sabres.
Steve Yzerman1With Detroit Red Wings.
Rob Zamuner1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Alex Zhamnov1With Winnipeg Jets.

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