1950s Midwest Games

Chicago Blackhawks 1950s Midwest Tour

In the 1950s, the Blackhawks played several games in Omaha, St. Louis, Indianapolis and St. Paul, to capitalize on their popularity throughout the US Midwest.

Ak-Sar-Ben Coliseum

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Dates: February 25, 1954 vs Detroit; November 30, 1954 vs Montreal; January 17, 1956 vs New York
Total games: 3
Total goals: 15 by 14 players

Ak-Sar-Ben ("Nebraska" backwards) Coliseum in Omaha was used for three Chicago home games in 1954 and 1956.

Player Goals Notes
Ted Lindsay2All with Detroit Red Wings.
Andy Bathgate1With New York Rangers.
Jean Beliveau1With Montreal Canadiens.
Pete Conacher1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Floyd Curry1With Montreal Canadiens.
Andy Hebenton1With New York Rangers.
Bucky Hollingworth1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Gordie Howe1With Detroit Red Wings.
Lou Jankowski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Ed Litzenberger1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Nick Mickoski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Maurice Richard1With Montreal Canadiens.
Allan Stanley1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Jerry Toppazzini1With Chicago Blackhawks.

Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Dates: December 6, 1952 vs Detroit; December 18, 1953 vs Detroit; January 21, 1954 vs Boston; February 19, 1954 vs New York
Total games: 4
Total goals: 13 by 10 players
The Blackhawks played a number of home games at the Indiana State Fairgrounds from 1952-1954.

Player Goals Notes
Joe Klukay2All with Boston Bruins.
Nick Mickoski2All with New York Rangers.
Jimmy Peters2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Gerry Couture1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Ray Gariepy1With Boston Bruins (his only NHL goal).
Camille Henry1With New York Rangers.
Gordie Howe1With Detroit Red Wings.
Tony Leswick1With Detroit Red Wings.
Ted Lindsay1With Detroit Red Wings.
Reg Sinclair1With Detroit Red Wings.
Johnny Wilson1With Detroit Red Wings.

St. Louis Arena

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Dates: November 23, 1954 vs Montreal; December 15, 1954 vs Toronto; January 2, 1955 vs Toronto; January 9, 1955 vs Detroit; January 29, 1955 vs Detroit; March 16, 1955 vs New York; October 25, 1955 vs Boston; December 9, 1955 vs Boston; December 20, 1955 vs Montreal; January 14, 1956 vs Detroit; March 8, 1956 vs New York See also St. Louis Arena

Player Goals Notes
Johnny Wilson64 with Chicago Blackhawks, 2 with Detroit Red Wings.
Bernie Geoffrion4All with Montreal Canadiens.
Maurice Richard4All with Montreal Canadiens.
Tony Leswick3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Ed Litzenberger3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Dutch Reibel3All with Detroit Red Wings.
Sid Smith3All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jean Beliveau2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Gordie Howe2All with Detroit Red Wings.
Nick Mickoski2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Bill Mosienko2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Metro Prystai2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Tod Sloan2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Allan Stanley2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Bob Bailey1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Hank Ciesia1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Pete Conacher1With New York Rangers.
Dave Creighton1With Montreal Canadiens.
Alex Delvecchio1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bill Dineen1With Detroit Red Wings.
Jean-Guy Gendron1With New York Rangers.
Lionel Heinrich1With Boston Bruins.
Wally Hergesheimer1With New York Rangers.
Tim Horton1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Bronco Horvath1With New York Rangers.
Harry Howell1With New York Rangers.
Lou Jankowski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Joe Klukay1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Danny Lewicki1With New York Rangers.
Pit Martin1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Jack McIntyre1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Jim Morrison1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ken Mosdell1With Montreal Canadiens.
Ron Murphy1With New York Rangers.
Eric Nesterenko1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Marcel Pronovost1With Detroit Red Wings.
Vic Stasiuk1With Detroit Red Wings.
Norm Ullman1With Detroit Red Wings.

St. Paul Auditorium

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Date: February 23, 1955

The Blackhawks played a home game against the Bruins in St. Paul in 1955.

Player Goals Notes
Ed Litzenberger3With Chicago Blackhawks.
Doug Mohns2With Boston Bruins.
Don McKenney1With Boston Bruins.

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