Barton Street Arena, 1920-1925

Barton Street Arena

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Date: December 22, 1920-March 7, 1925
Total games: 64
Total goals: 440
Hamilton Tigers (237), Toronto St. Patricks (68), Ottawa Senators (61), Montreal Canadiens (59), Montreal Maroons (9), Boston Bruins (6)

Barton Street Arena was the home of the Hamilton Tigers after the team moved from Quebec City in 1920, until they folded in 1925. Many of the players went on to form the New York Americans, although the teams are considered distinct.

Player Goals Notes
Joe Malone30All with Hamilton Tigers.
Goldie Prodgers29All with Hamilton Tigers.
Mickey Roach27All with Hamilton Tigers.
Billy Burch24All with Hamilton Tigers.
Red Green19All with Hamilton Tigers.
Babe Dye1816 with Toronto St. Patricks, 2 with Hamilton Tigers.
Shorty Green18All with Hamilton Tigers.
Cully Wilson18All with Hamilton Tigers.
Ken Randall1613 with Hamilton Tigers, 3 with Toronto St. Patricks.
Cy Denneny15All with Ottawa Senators.
Billy Boucher13All with Montreal Canadiens.
Punch Broadbent135 with Montreal Maroons, 8 with Ottawa Senators.
Amos Arbour129 with Hamilton Tigers, 3 with Montreal Canadiens.
Harry Cameron12All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Jack Adams11All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Aurel Joliat11All with Montreal Canadiens.
Reg Noble11All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Georges Boucher9All with Ottawa Senators.
Frank Nighbor9All with Ottawa Senators.
Newsy Lalonde8All with Montreal Canadiens.
George Carey7All with Hamilton Tigers.
Bert Corbeau74 with Hamilton Tigers, 3 with Montreal Canadiens.
Jack Darragh6All with Ottawa Senators.
Corb Denneny6All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Joe Matte6All with Hamilton Tigers.
Harry Mummery63 with Hamilton Tigers, 3 with Montreal Canadiens.
Leo Reise6All with Hamilton Tigers.
Louis Berlinquette51 with Montreal Maroons, 4 with Montreal Canadiens.
Sprague Cleghorn54 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Toronto St. Patricks.
Red Stuart5All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Billy Coutu42 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Hamilton Tigers.
Eddie Gerard4All with Ottawa Senators.
Charlie Langlois4All with Hamilton Tigers.
Tommy McCarthy4All with Hamilton Tigers.
Didier Pitre4All with Montreal Canadiens.
Jess Spring4All with Hamilton Tigers.
Edmond Bouchard3All with Hamilton Tigers.
Morley Bruce3All with Ottawa Senators.
Alex McKinnon3All with Hamilton Tigers.
Frank Boucher2All with Ottawa Senators.
King Clancy2All with Ottawa Senators.
Odie Cleghorn2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Ed Gorman2All with Ottawa Senators.
Stan Jackson2All with Boston Bruins.
Herb Mitchell2All with Boston Bruins.
Howie Morenz2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Dutch Cain1With Montreal Maroons.
Spiff Campbell1With Ottawa Senators.
Eddie Carpenter1With Hamilton Tigers.
Charlie Cotch1With Hamilton Tigers (his only NHL goal).
Hap Day1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Smokey Harris1WIth Boston Bruins.
Jimmy Herbert1With Boston Bruins.
Bert McCaffrey1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Gerald Munro1With Montreal Maroons (his only NHL goal).
Mike Neville1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Alf Skinner1With Montreal Maroons.

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