Jubilee Arena, 1918-1919

Jubilee Arena (Jubilee Rink)

Location: Montreal, Quebec
Dates: January 5, 1918-February 15, 1919
Total games: 18

Montreal home games not played at Jubilee Arena
January 2, 1918, vs. Montreal Wanderers (forfeited)
February 27, 1918, vs. Ottawa Senators (at Aréna de Québec).

Total goals: 159 by 25 players

Montreal Canadiens (105 goals), Ottawa Senators (31), Toronto Arenas (23)

Jubilee Arena was one of the home of the Montreal Canadiens and Montreal Wanderers of the NHA. Both teams played their NHL games in Montreal Arena before it burned down in 1918. The Wanderers disbanded and the Canadiens moved back to Jubilee Arena, before it too burned down in 1919. The Canadiens then moved to Mount Royal Arena.

Player Goals Notes
Joe Malone29All with Montreal Canadiens.
Newsy Lalonde22All with Montreal Canadiens.
Didier Pitre18All with Montreal Canadiens.
Odie Cleghorn12All with Montreal Canadiens.
Jack McDonald11All with Montreal Canadiens.
Cy Denneny8All with Ottawa Senators.
Harry Cameron75 with Toronto Arenas, 2 with Ottawa Senators
Joe Hall6All with Montreal Canadiens.
Eddie Gerard5All with Ottawa Senators.
Frank Nighbor5All with Ottawa Senators.
Reg Noble5All with Toronto Arenas.
Louis Berlinquette4All with Montreal Canadiens.
Bert Corbeau3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Corb Denneny3All with Toronto Arenas.
Harry Hyland3All with Ottawa Senators.
Harry Meeking3All with Toronto Arenas.
Ken Randall3All with Toronto Arenas.
Jack Darragh2All with Ottawa Senators.
Eddie Lowrey2All with Ottawa Senators.
Dave Ritchie2All with Ottawa Senators.
Alf Skinner2All with Toronto Arenas.
Georges Boucher1With Ottawa Senators.
Sprague Cleghorn1With Ottawa Senators.
Rusty Crawford1With Toronto Arenas.
Harry Mummery1With Toronto Arenas.

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