Philadelphia Arena, 1930-1931

Philadelphia Arena

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dates: November 11, 1930-March 17, 1931
Total games: 22
Total goals: 116 by 62 players
Philadelphia Quakers (41 goals), Boston Bruins (13), Detroit Red Wings (13), New York Rangers (12), Chicago Blackhawks (11), Ottawa Senators (7), Montreal Maroons (6), Toronto Maple Leafs (6), New York Americans (3), Montreal Canadiens (4)

Philadelphia Arena was the home of the Philadelphia Quakers, who moved from Pittsburgh in 1930. They played only one season, but did not officially disband until 1936.

Player Goals Notes
Hib Milks13All with Philadelphia Quakers.
Gerry Lowrey7All with Philadelphia Quakers.
Eddie Shore5All with Boston Bruins.
Bill Cook4All with New York Rangers.
Ebbie Goodfellow4All with Detroit Falcons.
Cliff Barton3All with Philadelphia Quakers.
Tommy Cook3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Johnny Gottselig3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Syd Howe3All with Philadelphia Quakers.
Butch Keeling3All with New York Rangers.
Al Shields3All with Philadelphia Quakers.
Cooney Weiland3All with Boston Bruins.
Tex White3All with Philadelphia Quakers.
Lionel Conacher2All with Montreal Maroons.
Carson Cooper2All with Detroit Falcons.
Jim Jarvis2All with Philadelphia Quakers.
Hec Kilrea2All with Ottawa Senators.
Wally Kilrea2All with Philadelphia Quakers.
Joe Lamb2All with Ottawa Senators.
Howie Morenz2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Joe Primeau2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Johnny Sorrel2All with Detroit Falcons.
Nels Stewart2All with Montreal Maroons.
Stewart Adams1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Larry Aurie1With Detroit Falcons.
Ace Bailey1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Marty Barry1With Boston Bruins.
Frank Boucher1With New York Rangers.
Billy Burch1With New York Americans.
Gene Carrigan1With New York Rangers.
Art Chapman1With Boston Bruins.
King Clancy1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Dit Clapper1With Boston Bruins.
Bun Cook1With New York Rangers.
Baldy Cotton1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Harold Darragh1With Philadelphia Quakers.
Tommy Filmore1With Detroit Falcons.
Frank Finnigan1With Ottawa Senators.
Leroy Goldsworthy1With Detroit Falcons.
Bob Gracie1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
George Hay1With Detroit Falcons.
Normie Himes1With New York Americans.
Al Hughes1With New York Americans.
Bill Hutton1With Philadelphia Quakers.
Frank Ingram1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Ching Johnson1With New York Rangers.
Aurel Joliat1With Montreal Canadiens.
Herbie Lewis1With Detroit Falcons.
Ron Lyons1With Philadelphia Quakers.
Eddie McCalmon1With Philadelphia Quakers.
Johnny McKinnon1With Philadelphia Quakers.
Earl Miller1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Harry Oliver1With Boston Bruins.
Bill Phillips1With Montreal Maroons.
Jack Pratt1With Boston Bruins.
Vic Ripley1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Harold Starr1With Ottawa Senators.
Paul Thompson1With New York Rangers.
Bill Touhey1With Ottawa Senators.
Jimmy Ward1With Montreal Maroons.
Nick Wasnie1With Montreal Canadiens.
Cy Wentworth1With Chicago Blackhawks.

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