Aréna de Québec, 1919-1920

Aréna de Québec

Location: Quebec City, Quebec
Dates: February 27, 1918; December 25, 1919-March 10, 1920
Total games: 13

Games played at the Aréna de Québec that were not Quebec home games: February 27, 1918 (Ottawa Senators @ Montreal Canadiens).

Total goals: 139
Quebec Bulldogs (55), Montreal Canadiens (44), Toronto St. Patricks (23), Ottawa Senators (17)

The Aréna de Quebec was the home of the Quebec City NHA team from 1913-1917. Quebec was a founding member of the NHL, but did not play for the first two seasons. They played one season in the Aréna before moving to Hamilton in 1920. The Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens also played a game there on February 27, 1918.

Joe Malone scored 26 goals at the Aréna in only 13 games.

Player Goals Notes
Joe Malone26All with Quebec Bulldogs.
Corb Denneny9All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Newsy Lalonde9All with Montreal Canadiens (one on February 27, 1918)
Harry Cameron8All with Montreal Canadiens.
Amos Arbour7All with Montreal Canadiens.
Reg Noble7All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Eddie Carpenter6All with Quebec Bulldogs.
Odie Cleghorn6All with Montreal Canadiens.
Bert Corbeau6All with Montreal Canadiens.
Tommy McCarthy6All with Quebec Bulldogs.
Jack McDonald5All with Quebec Bulldogs.
Harry Mummery5All with Quebec Bulldogs.
Frank Nighbor5All with Ottawa Senators (2 on February 27, 1918)
George Carey4All with Quebec Bulldogs.
Sprague Cleghorn 4All with Ottawa Senators.
Didier Pitre4All with Montreal Canadiens.
Dave Ritchie3All with Quebec Bulldogs.
Louis Berlinquette2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Georges Boucher2All with Ottawa Senators (1 on February 27, 1918)
Jack Darragh2All with Ottawa Senators.
Cy Denneny2All with Ottawa Senators.
Ken Randall2All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Cully Wilson2All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Punch Broadbent1With Ottawa Senators.
Morley Bruce1With Ottawa Senators.
Babe Dye1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Howard McNamara1With Montreal Canadiens.
Goldie Prodgers1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Mickey Roach1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Donald Smith1With Montreal Canadiens (his only NHL goal).

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