Boston Arena, 1924-1928

Boston Arena

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Dates: December 1, 1924-March 20, 1928
Total games: 77
Total goals: 324 by 78 players
Boston Bruins (168), Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs (32), Ottawa Senators (30), Montreal Canadiens (24), Montreal Maroons (15), New York Rangers (13), New York Americans (10), Chicago Blackhawks (9), Hamilton Tigers (8), Detroit Cougars (8), Pittsburgh Pirates (7)

Boston Arena was the original home of the Boston Bruins before they moved to Boston Garden. As of 2018 it is still in use, and is now called Matthews Arena.

Player Goals Notes
Carson Cooper2928 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Detroit Cougars.
Jimmy Herbert2827 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Harry Oliver19All with Boston Bruins.
Frank Frederickson17All with Boston Bruins.
Howie Morenz14All with Montreal Canadiens.
Eddie Shore11All with Boston Bruins.
Percy Galbraith10All with Boston Bruins.
Babe Dye98 with Toronto St. Patricks, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
King Clancy8All with Ottawa Senators.
Cy Denneny8All with Ottawa Senators.
Lionel Hitchman8All with Boston Bruins.
Sprague Cleghorn7All with Boston Bruins.
Harry Connor7All with Boston Bruins.
Hooley Smith7All with Ottawa Senators.
Frank Boucher6All with New York Rangers.
Bill Carson6All with Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs.
Hap Day6All with Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs; one goal was actually an own-goal, and credited to Day for Boston.
Duke Keats64 with Boston Bruins, 2 with Detroit Cougars.
Red Stuart6All with Boston Bruins.
Hago Harrington5All with Boston Bruins.
Aurel Joliat5All with Montreal Canadiens.
Reg Noble54 with Montreal Maroons, 1 with Detroit Cougars.
Jack Adams4All with Toronto St. Patrics.
George Boucher4All with Ottawa Senators.
Billy Burch42 with Hamilton Tigers, 2 with New York Americans.
Dit Clapper4All with Boston Bruins.
Alex McKinnon42 with Hamilton Tigers, 1 with New York Americans, 1 with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Nels Stewart4All with Montreal Maroons.
Billy Boucher32 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New York Americans.
Bill Cook3All with New York Rangers.
Dutch Gainor3All with Boston Bruins.
Mickey MacKay3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Herb Mitchell3All with Boston Bruins.
Mickey Roach32 with Hamilton Tigers, 1 with New York Americans.
Dinny Dinsmore2All with Montreal Maroons.
Red Green2All with New York Americans.
Shorty Green2All with Hamilton Tigers.
Dick Irvin2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Hec Kilrea2All with Ottawa Seantors.
Sylvio Mantha2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Bert McCaffrey2All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Hib Milks2All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Murray Murdoch2All with New York Rangers.
George Redding2All with Boston Bruins.
John Sheppard2All with Detroit Cougars.
Taffy Abel1With New York Rangers.
Lloyd Andrews1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Larry Aurie1With Detroit Cougars.
Leo Bourgeault1With New York Rangers.
Punch Broadbent1With Montreal Maroons.
Frank Carson1With Montreal Maroons.
Lionel Conacher1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Bert Corbeau1With Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs.
Baldy Cotton1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Billy Coutu1With Boston Bruins.
Harold Darragh1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Duke Dutkowski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Red Dutton1With Montreal Maroons.
Al Fisher1With Toronto St. Patricks (his only NHL goal.)
Gord Fraser1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Art Gagne1With Montreal Canadiens.
Fred Gordon1With Boston Bruins.
Ed Gorman1With Ottawa Senators.
Smokey Harris1With Boston Bruins.
Norm Himes1With New York Americans.
Toots Holway1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Stan Jackson1With Boston Bruins.
Butch Keeling1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Dunc Munro1With Montreal Maroons.
Leo Reise1With New York Americans.
Sammy Rothschild1With Montreal Maroons.
Bobby Rowe1With Boston Bruins (his only NHL goal).
Normie Shay1With Boston Bruins.
Joe Simpson1With New York Americans.
Art Smith1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jack Walker1With Detroit Cougars.
Nick Wasnie1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Tex White1With Pittsburgh Pirates.

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