McNichols Sports Arena

McNichols Sports Arena

Location: Denver, Colorado
Dates: October 5, 1976-April 3, 1982; October 6, 1995-April 18, 1999
Total games:
Total goals:

McNichols Sports Arena was the home of the Colorado Rockies after they moved from Kansas City in 1976, until they moved to New Jersey in 1982. It was also the original home of the Colorado Avalanche after they moved from Quebec in 1995, until they moved to Pepsi Center in 1999.

Player Goals Notes
Joe Sakic73All with Colorado Avalanche.
Peter Forsberg57All with Colorado Avalanche.
Wilf Paiement5552 with Colorado Rockies, 3 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Claude Lemieux54All with Colorado Avalanche.
Adam Deadmarsh50All with Colorado Avalanche.
Valeri Kamensky50All with Colorado Avalanche.
Ron Delorme4442 with Colorado Rockies, 2 with Vancouver Canucks.
Paul Gardner4341 with Colorado Rockies, 2 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Lanny McDonald3935 with Colorado Rockies, 2 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 with Calgary Flames.
Lucien DeBlois3430 with Colorado Rockies, 2 with New York Rangers, 2 with Winnipeg Jets.
Gary Croteau32All with Colorado Rockies.
Randy Pierce30All with Colorado Rockies.
Jack Valiquette28All with Colorado Rockies.
Merlin Malinowski28All with Colorado Rockies.
Sandis Ozolinsh25All with Colorado Avalanche.
Scott Young25All with Colorado Avalanche.
Eric Lacroix23All with Colorado Avalanche.
Nelson Pyatt22All with Colorado Rockies.
Rob Ramage18All with Colorado Rockies.

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