Montreal Arena, 1917

Montreal Arena (Westmount Arena)

Location: Montreal, Quebec
Dates: December 19, 22, 26, 29, 1917
Total games: 4
Total goals: 52 by 21 players
Montreal Canadiens (20), Montreal Wanderers (15), Toronto Arenas (11), Ottawa Senators (6)

Montreal Arena, also known as Westmount Arena, was the home of the Montreal Canadiens and Montreal Wanderers of the National Hockey Association starting in 1911. Only four NHL games were played there before it burned down on January 2, 1918. The Canadiens were scheduled to host the Wanderers that day. The Wanderers forfeited the next two games, and never played again. The Canadiens moved back to their earlier NHA rink, Jubilee Arena.

Over only 4 games, 52 goals were scored by 21 different players. The Wanderers played there on December 19 (a 10-9 win over Toronto), December 22 (an 11-2 loss to the Canadiens), and December 26 (a 6-3 loss to Ottawa). The Canadiens beat Toronto 9-2 in their only home game at the arena, on December 29.

Despite playing only two games there, Newsy Lalonde tops the list with 7 goals. Art Ross, who had a much more famous career as an executive, scored his only goal as an NHL player at Montreal Arena with the Wanderers.

Player Goals Notes
Newsy Lalonde7All with Montreal Canadiens.
Harry Hyland6All with Montreal Wanderers.
Joe Malone5All with Montreal Canadiens.
Harry Cameron4All with Toronto Arenas.
Reg Noble4All with Toronto Arenas.
Jack McDonald3All with Montreal Wanderers.
Didier Pitre3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Dave Ritchie3All with Montreal Wanderers.
Bert Corbeau2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Billy Coutu2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Corb Denneny2All with Toronto Arenas.
Cy Denneny2All with Ottawa Senators.
Billy Bell1With Montreal Wanderers.
Louis Berlinquette1With Montreal Canadiens.
Georges Boucher1With Ottawa Senators.
Jack Darragh1With Ottawa Senators.
Frank Nighbor1With Ottawa Senators.
Art Ross1With Montreal Wanderers (his only NHL goal).
Hamby Shore1With Ottawa Senators.
Alf Skinner1With Toronto Arenas.
Phil Stevens1With Montreal Wanderers.

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