Border Cities Arena, 1926-1927

Border Cities Arena (Windsor Arena)

Location: Windsor, Ontario
Dates: November 18, 1926-March 26, 1927; March 2, 1929
Total games: 23

Detroit home games not played at Border Cities Arena: March 13, 1927 vs. New York Rangers (at Madison Square Garden)

Games played at Border Cities that were not home games for Detroit: January 29, 1927 (@ New York Rangers); March 2, 1929 (Montreal Maroons @ Chicago Blackhawks).

Total goals: 101
Detroit Cougars (41), Chicago Blackhawks (13), Pittsburgh Pirates (10), Montreal Canadiens (7), Boston Bruins (7), New York Americans (6), Montreal Maroons (5), Ottawa Senators (5), New York Rangers (4), Toronto St. Patricks (3).

Border Cities Arena was the home of the Detroit Cougars during their inaugural season in 1926/27, before Olympia Stadium was completed in Detroit itself.

Player Goals Notes
Duke Keats87 with Detroit Cougars, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Frank Foyston6All with Detroit Cougars.
John Sheppard6All with Detroit Cougars.
Clem Loughlin4All with Detroit Cougars.
Archie Briden43 with Detroit Cougars, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Jack Arbour3All with Detroit Cougars.
Pete Bellefeuille3All with Detroit Cougars.
Frank Frederickson3All with Detroit Cougars.
George Hay3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Jack Walker3All with Detroit Cougars.
Billy Boyd2All with New York Rangers.
Hap Day2All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Babe Dye2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Gord Fraser2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Art Gagne2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Jimmy Herberts2All with Boston Bruins.
Norman Himes2All with New York Americans.
Johnny McKinnon2All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Merlyn Phillips2All with Montreal Maroons.
Tex White2With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Jack Adams1With Ottawa Senators.
Georges Boucher1With Ottawa Senators.
Billy Burch1With New York Americans.
Bill Cook1With New York Rangers.
Bun Cook1With New York Rangers.
Baldy Cotton1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Harold Darragh1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Corb Denneny1With Toronto St. Patricks.
Cy Denneny1With Ottawa Senators.
Herb Drury1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Art Duncan1With Detroit Cougars.
Duke Dutkowski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Percy Galbraith1With Boston Bruins.
Herb Gardiner1With Montreal Canadiens.
Fred Gordon1With Detroit Cougars.
Red Green1With New York Americans.
Lionel Hitchman1With Boston Bruins.
Aurel Joliat1With Montreal Canadiens.
Hec Kilrea1With Ottawa Senators.
Charlie Langlois1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Pit Lepine1With Montreal Canadiens.
Sylvio Mantha1With Montreal Canadiens.
Duke McCurry1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Frank McGuire1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Charles McVeigh1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Howie Morenz1With Montreal Canadiens.
Dunc Munro1With Montreal Maroons.
Frank Nighbor1With Ottawa Senators.
Russell Oatman1With Detroit Cougars.
Harry Oliver1With Boston Bruins.
Leo Reise1With New York Americans.
Vic Ripley1With Chicago Blackhawks (March 2, 1929).
Laurie Scott1With New York Americans.
Nels Stewart1With Montreal Maroons.
Bobby Trapp1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Jimmy Ward1With Montreal Maroons (March 2, 1929).
Cy Wentworth1With Chicago Blackhawks (March 2, 1929).
Cully Wilson1With Chicago Blackhawks.

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