Kemper Arena

Kemper Arena

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Dates: November 2, 1974-March 30, 1976
Total games: 80
Total goals: 526 by 215 players

Kansas City Scouts (225 goals), Philadelphia Flyers (26), New York Rangers (24), Chicago Blackhawks (24), Vancouver Canucks (23), Minnesota North Stars (22), Montreal Canadiens (21), Los Angeles Kings (20), Atlanta Flames (19), Buffalo Sabres (19), Boston Bruins (17), St. Louis Blues (17), Pittsburgh Penguins (15), New York Islanders (13), Toronto Maple Leafs (13), Washington Capitals (11), California Golden Seals (10), Detroit Red Wings (8).

Kemper Arena was the home of the Kansas City Scouts, until they moved to Colorado in 1976.

Player Goals Notes
Wilf Paiement26All with Kansas City Scouts.
Guy Charron23All with Kansas City Scouts.
Robin Burns22All with Kansas City Scouts.
Simon Nolet20All with Kansas City Scouts.
Randy Rota19All with Kansas City Scouts.
Dave Hudson14All with Kansas City Scouts.
Gary Croteau11All with Kansas City Scouts.
Ed Gilbert11All with Kansas City Scouts.
Chuck Arnason109 with Kansas City Scouts, 1 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Craig Patrick10All with Kansas City Scouts.
Richard Lemieux8All with Kansas City Scouts.
Norm Dube7All with Kansas City Scouts.
Jim McElmury6All with Kansas City Scouts.
Lynn Powis6All with Kansas City Scouts.
Gary Bergman5All with Kansas City Scouts.
Phil Esposito53 with Boston Bruins, 2 with New York Rangers.
Cliff Koroll5All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Dave Kryskow54 with Atlanta Flames, 1 with Washington Capitals.
Bill Goldsworthy4All with Minnesota North Stars.
Reggie Leach4All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Gerry O'Flaherty4All with Vancouver Canucks.
Jean Ratelle43 with Boston Bruins, 1 with New York Rangers.
Henry Boucha3All with Kansas City Scouts.
Yvan Cournoyer3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Alain Daigle3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Denis Dupere3All with Kansas City Scouts.
John Gould3All with Vancouver Canucks.
Billy Harris3All with New York Islanders.
Ernie Hicke3All with Minnesota North Stars.
Claude Houde3All with Kansas City Scouts.
Jean-Guy Lagace3All with Kansas City Scouts.
Yvon Lambert3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Jacques Lemaire3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Don Marcotte3All with Boston Bruins.
Pit Martin3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Rick Middleton3All with New York Rangers.
Chris Oddleifson3All with Vancouver Canucks.
Brad Park3All with New York Rangers.
Jean Pronovost3All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Don Saleski3All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Derek Sanderson3 3 (2 with STL, 1 with NYR)
Dave Schultz3All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Darryl Sittler3All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Garry Unger3All with St. Louis Blues.
Erik Vail3All with Atlanta Flames.
Dennis Ververgaert3All with Vancouver Canucks.
Tom Williams3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Syl Apps2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Ace Bailey2All with St. Louis Blues.
Bill Barber2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Gregg Boddy2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Ivan Boldirev2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Pat Boutette2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Mel Bridgman2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Gary Coalter2All with Kansas City Scouts.
Mike Corrigan2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bart Crashley2All with Kansas City Scouts.
Gary Dornhoefer2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Rick Dudley2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Danny Gare2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Rod Gilbert2All with New York Rangers.
Norm Gratton2All with Minnesota North Stars.
Buster Harvey21 with Kansas City Scouts, 1 with Atlanta Flames.
Bryan Hextall2All with Minnesota North Stars.
Dave Hrechkosy2All with California Golden Seals.
Larry Johnston2All with Kansas City Scouts.
Ed Kea2All with Atlanta Flames.
Rick Kehoe2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Orest Kindrachuk2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Guy Lapointe2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Chuck Lefley2All with St. Louis Blues.
Don Lever2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Jim Lorentz2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Don Luce2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Tom Lysiak2All with Atlanta Flames.
Bob MacMillan2All with St. Louis Blues.
Mike Marson2All with Washington Capitals.
Rick Martin2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Stan Mikita2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Bob Murdoch2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Mike Murphy2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bob Nevin2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Hank Nowak21 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Bob Nystrom2All with New York Islanders.
Jim Pappin2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Denis Potvin2All with New York Islanders.
Craig Ramsay2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Doug Risebrough2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Phil Roberto2All with Kansas City Scouts.
Darcy Rota2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Larry Sacharuk21 with St. Louis Blues, 1 with New York Rangers.
Borje Salming2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Steve Shutt2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Ted Snell2All with Kansas City Scouts.
Fred Stanfield2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Pete Stemkowski2All with New York Rangers.
Floyd Thomson2All with St. Louis Blues.
Mario Tremblay2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Vic Venasky2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Butch Williams2All with California Golden Seals.
Tom Williams2All with Washington Capitals.
Fred Ahern1With California Golden Seals.
Fred Barrett1With Minnesota North Stars.
John Bednarski1With New York Rangers.
Curt Bennett1With Atlanta Flames.
Michel Bergeron1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bob Berry1With Los Angeles Kings.
Nick Beverley1With New York Rangers.
Dwight Bialowas1With Minnesota North Stars.
Tom Bladon1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Paulin Bordeleau1With Vancouver Canucks.
Andre Boudrias1With Vancouver Canucks.
Larry Brown1With Los Angeles Kings.
John Bucyk1With Boston Bruins.
Jerry Butler1With St. Louis Blues.
Craig Cameron1With Minnesota North Stars.
Gene Carr1With Los Angeles Kings.
Larry Carriere1With Atlanta Flames.
Bobby Clarke1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Bill Clement1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Bill Collins1With New York Rangers.
Bob Dailey1With Vancouver Canucks.
Marcel Dionne1With Detroit Red Wings.
Blake Dunlop1With Minnesota North Stars.
Steve Durbano1With Kansas City Scouts.
Tim Ecclestone1With Atlanta Flames.
Jack Egers1With Washington Capitals.
Ron Ellis1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Bill Flett1With Atlanta Flames.
Len Frig1With California Golden Seals.
Germain Gagnon1With Kansas City Scouts.
Bob Girard1With California Golden Seals.
Butch Goring1With Los Angeles Kings.
Rod Graham1With Boston Bruins.
Ron Greschner1With New York Rangers.
Vic Hadfield1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Inge Hammarstrom1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Hugh Harvey1With Kansas City Scouts (his only NHL goal).
Dennis Hextall1With Minnesota North Stars.
Doug Hicks1With Minnesota North Stars.
Ken Hodge1With Boston Bruins.
Bill Hogaboam1With Minnesota North Stars.
Jerry Holland1With New York Rangers.
Ken Houston1With Atlanta Flames.
Garry Howatt1With New York Islanders.
Brent Hughes1With Kansas City Scouts.
Dennis Hull1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Ted Irvine1With St. Louis Blues.
Doug Jarvis1With Montreal Canadiens.
Bob Kelly1With Philadelphia Flyers.
J.-Bob Kelly1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Yvon Labre1With Washington Capitals.
Bobby Lalonde1With Vancouver Canucks.
Ron Lalonde1With Washington Capitals.
Rick Lapointe1With Detroit Red Wings.
Claude Larose1With St. Louis Blues.
Pierre Larouche1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Jean-Paul LeBlanc1With Detroit Red Wings.
Ross Lonsberry1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Jack Lynch1With Washington Capitals.
Al MacAdam1With California Golden Seals.
Rick MacLeish1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Bill MacMillan1With New York Islanders.
Pete Mahovlich1With Montreal Canadiens.
Dan Maloney1With Detroit Red Wings.
John Marks1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Gilles Marotte1With New York Rangers.
Don Martineau1With Minnesota North Stars.
Dennis Maruk1With California Golden Seals.
Walt McKechnie1With Detroit Red Wings.
Mike McManama1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Peter McNab1With Buffalo Sabres.
Gerry Meehan1With Vancouver Canucks.
Hartland Monahan1With Washington Capitals.
Lew Morrison1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Bob Murray1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Dennis O'Brien1With Minnesota North Stars.
Terry O'Reilly1With Boston Bruins.
Jean-Paul Parise1With New York Islanders.
Dennis Patterson1With Kansas City Scouts.
Gilbert Perreault1With Buffalo Sabres.
Greg Polis1With New York Rangers.
Pat Quinn1With Atlanta Flames.
Mickey Redmond1With Detroit Red Wings.
Jacques Richard1With Buffalo Sabres.
Rene Robert1With Buffalo Sabres.
Jim Roberts1With Montreal Canadiens.
Larry Robinson1With Montreal Canadiens.
Mike Robitaille1With Vancouver Canucks.
Larry Romanchych1With Atlanta Flames.
Gary Sargent1With Los Angeles Kings.
Andre Savard1With Boston Bruins.
Ron Schock1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Jim Schoenfeld1With Buffalo Sabres.
Gregg Sheppard1With Boston Bruins.
Bob Sirois1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Dallas Smith1With Boston Bruins.
John Stewart1With California Golden Seals.
Ralph Stewart1With New York Islanders.
Andre St. Laurent1With New York Islanders.
Frank St. Marseille1With Los Angeles Kings.
Blaine Stoughton1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Dean Talafous1With Minnesota North Stars.
Dale Tallon1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Errol Thompson1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Walt Tkaczuk1With New York Rangers.
Steve Vickers1With New York Rangers.
Jo Watson1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Stan Weir1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ed Westfall1With New York Islanders.
Tony White1With Washington Capitals.
Juha Widing1With Los Angeles Kings.
Barry Wilkins1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Tiger Williams1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Tim Young1With Minnesota North Stars.

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