Expo Hall

Expo Hall

Location: Tampa, Florida
Dates: October 7, 1992-April 10, 1993
Total games: 41

Tampa Bay home games not played at Expo Hall: February 20, 1993 (at Halifax Metro Centre).

Total goals: 275 by 134 players

Tampa Bay Lightning (120 goals), Detroit Red Wings (30), Toronto Maple Leafs (16), St. Louis Blues (15), Chicago Blackhawks (12), Minnesota North Stars (11), Winnipeg Jets (10), Calgary Flames (9), New York Islanders (6), Los Angeles Kings (5), New York Rangers (5), Pittsburgh Penguins (5), Vancouver Canucks (5), Washington Capitals (5), Hartford Whalers (4), Boston Bruins (3), Buffalo Sabres (3), San Jose Sharks (3), Edmonton Oilers (2), New Jersey Devils (2), Quebec Nordiques (2), Montreal Canadiens (1), Philadelphia Flyers (1).

Expo Hall was the home of the Tampa Bay Lightning in their inaugural season, before they moved to the Thunderdome.

Player Goals Notes
Brian Bradley19All with Tampa Bay Lightning, not counting 1 "home" goal in Halifax, February 20, 1993.
Chris Kontos16All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Adam Creighton13All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
John Tucker9All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Rob Zamuner8All with Tampa Bay Lightning, not counting 1 "home" goal in Halifax, February 20, 1993.
Bob Beers7All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Shawn Chambers7All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Marc Bureau6All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Steve Yzerman6All with Detroit Red Wings.
Dino Ciccarelli5All with Detroit Red Wings.
Danton Cole5All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Mikael Andersson4All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Rob Ramage4All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Teemu Selanne4All with Winnipeg Jets.
Paul Ysebaert4All with Detroit Red Wings.
Evgeny Davydov3All with Winnipeg Jets.
Rob Di4All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Sergei Fedorov3All with Detroit Red Wings.
Brett Hull3All with St. Louis Blues.
Joe Nieuwendyk3All with Calgary Flames.
Rob Pearson3All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jeremy Roenick3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Brendan Shanahan3All with St. Louis Blues.
Ray Sheppard3All with Detroit Red Wings.
Bill Berg2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Marc Bergevin2All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Tim Bergland2All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Nikolai Borschevsky2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Murray Craven2All with Hartford Whalers.
Doug Crossman2All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Michel Goulet2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Tony Granato2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Roman Hamrlik2All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Mike Hartman2All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Ken Hodge2All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Phil Housley2All with Winnipeg Jets.
Craig Janney2All with St. Louis Blues.
Mike Krushelnyski2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Mario Lemieux2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Kevin Miller2All with St. Louis Blues.
Alexander Mogilny2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Brian Mullen2All with New York Islanders.
Bob Probert2All with Detroit Red Wings.
Anatoli Semenov2All with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Kevin Stevens2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Glenn Anderson1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Brian Bellows1With Montreal Canadiens.
Luciano Borsato1With Winnipeg Jets.
Philippe Bozon1With St. Louis Blues.
Neal Broten1With Minnesota North Stars.
Jeff Brown1With St. Louis Blues.
Pavel Bure1With Vancouver Canucks.
Shawn Burr1With Detroit Red Wings.
Dave Capuano1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Jimmy Carson1With Detroit Red Wings.
Steve Chiasson1With Detroit Red Wings.
Dave Christian1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Wendel Clark1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Sylvain Cote1With Washington Capitals.
Geoff Courtnall1With Vancouver Canucks.
Russ Courtnall1With Minnesota North Stars.
Mike Craig1With Minnesota North Stars.
Ulf Dahlen1With Minnesota North Stars.
Brad Dalgarno1With New York Islanders.
Robert Dirk1With Vancouver Canucks.
Mike Donnelly1With Los Angeles Kings.
Dallas Drake1With Detroit Red Wings.
Stan Drulia1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Gaetan Duchesne1With Minnesota North Stars.
Dave Ellett1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Pat Elynuik1With Washington Capitals.
Glen Featherstone1With Boston Bruins.
Ray Ferraro1With New York Islanders.
Stew Gavin1With Minnesota North Stars.
Todd Gill1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Doug Gilmour1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Adam Graves1With New York Rangers.
Wayne Gretzky1With Los Angeles Kings.
Alexei Gusarov1With Quebec Nordiques.
Roger Johansson1With Calgary Flames.
Joe Juneau1With Boston Bruins.
Steve Kasper1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Sheldon Kennedy1With Detroit Red Wings.
Derek King1With New York Islanders.
Steven King1With New York Rangers.
Trent Klatt1With Minnesota North Stars.
Igor Korolev1With St. Louis Blues.
Andrei Kovalenko1With Quebec Nordiques.
Uwe Krupp1With New York Islanders.
Jari Kurri1With Los Angeles Kings.
Nick Kypreos1With Hartford Whalers.
Jason Lafreniere1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Stephen Leach1With Boston Bruins.
Claude Lemieux1With New Jersey Devils.
Chris Lindberg1With Calgary Flames.
Trevor Linden1With Vancouver Canucks.
Eric Lindros1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Paul MacDermid1With Washington Capitals.
Jamie Macoun1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Stephane Matteau1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Shawn McEachern1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Mark Messier1With New York Rangers.
Kevin Miehm1With St. Louis Blues.
Kelly Miller1With Washington Capitals.
Mike Modano1With Minnesota North Stars.
Sergio Momesso1With Vancouver Canucks.
Joe Murphy1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Brian Noonan1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Lee Norwood1With St. Louis Blues.
Jeff Odgers1With San Jose Sharks.
John Ogrodnick1With Detroit Red Wings.
Keith Osborne1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
James Patrick1With New York Rangers.
Keith Primeau1With Detroit Red Wings.
Robert Reichel1With Calgary Flames.
Mike Ridley1With Washington Capitals.
Gary Roberts1With Calgary Flames.
Cam Russell1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Christian Ruuttu1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Geoff Sanderson1With Hartford Whalers.
Craig Simpson1With Edmonton Oilers.
Tommy Sjodin1With Minnesota North Stars.
Bobby Smith1With Minnesota North Stars.
Greg Smyth1With Calgary Flames.
Dave Snuggerud1With San Jose Sharks.
Scott Stevens1With New Jersey Devils.
Mike Sullivan1With San Jose Sharks.
Gary Suter1With Calgary Flames.
Brent Sutter1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Bob Sweeney1With Buffalo Sabres.
Esa Tikkanen1With Edmonton Oilers.
Mark Tinordi1With Minnesota North Stars.
Darren Turcotte1With New York Rangers.
Peter Zezel1With Toronto Maple Leafs.

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