Stampede Corral

Stampede Corral

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Dates: October 9, 1980-March 31, 1983
Total games: 120
Total goals: 971 by 267 players

Calgary Flames (566 goals), Edmonton Oilers (39), Los Angeles Kings (34), Vancouver Canucks (32), Philadelphia Flyers (27), Winnipeg Jets (26), St. Louis Blues (23), Montreal Canadiens (21), Chicago Blackhawks (18), New York Islanders (18), New York Rangers (17), Toronto Maple Leafs (17), Quebec Nordiques (16), Colorado Rockies (15), Detroit Red Wings (15), Minnesota North Stars (15), Hartford Whalers (14), Pittsburgh Penguins (14), Washington Capitals (14), Boston Bruins (13), Buffalo Sabres (13), New Jersey Devils (4).

The Stampede Corral was the home of the Calgary Flames after they moved from Atlanta in 1980, before they moved to the Saddledome in 1983.

Player Goals Notes
Kent Nilsson76All with Calgary Flames.
Lanny McDonald5654 with Calgary Flames, 2 with Colorado Rockies.
Guy Chouinard46All with Calgary Flames.
Willi Plett39All with Calgary Flames.
Jim Peplinski36All with Calgary Flames.
Kevin Lavallee34All with Calgary Flames.
Don Lever23All with Calgary Flames.
Paul Reinhart23All with Calgary Flames.
Mel Bridgman22All with Calgary Flames.
Eric Vail2221 with Calgary Flames, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
Jamie Hislop20All with Calgary Flames.
Bob Macmillan1918 with Calgary Flames, 1 with New Jersey Devils.
Ken Houston16All with Calgary Flames.
Pekka Rautakallio16All with Calgary Flames.
Dan Labraaten14All with Calgary Flames.
Phil Russell14All with Calgary Flames.
Bill Clement10All with Calgary Flames.
Doug Risebrough109 with Calgary Flames, 1 with Montreal Canadiens.
Marcel Dionne9All with Los Angeles Kings.
Wayne Gretzky9All with Edmonton Oilers.
Denis Cyr8All with Calgary Flames.
Bob Beers7All with Calgary Flames.
Jim Jackson7All with Calgary Flames.
Gary McAdam76 with Calgary Flames, 1 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Paul Coffey6All with Edmonton Oilers.
Karl Jalonen6All with Calgary Flames.
Brian Propp6All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Brad Smith65 with Calgary Flames, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
Ivan Boldirev5All with Vancouver Canucks.
Laurie Boschman53 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with Edmonton Oilers, 1 with Winnipeg Jets.
Steve Christoff54 with Calgary Flames, 1 with Minnesota North Stars.
Dave Hindmarch5All with Calgary Flames.
Steve Konroyd5All with Calgary Flames.
Ken Linseman54 with Philadelphia Flyers, 1 Edmonton Oilers.
Blake Dunlop4All with St. Louis Blues.
Curt Fraser43 with Vancouver Canucks, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Alan Haworth43 with Washington Capitals, 1 with Buffalo Sabres.
Pat Hughes43 with Edmonton Oilers, 1 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Dave Hunter4All with Edmonton Oilers.
Rick Kehoe4All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Mark Messier4All with Edmonton Oilers.
Bob Murdoch4All with Calgary Flames.
Bobby Smith4All with Minnesota North Stars.
Petr Stastny4All with Quebec Nordiques.
Steve Tambellini43 with Colorado Rockies, 1 with New Jersey Devils.
Dave Babych3All with Winnipeg Jets.
Wayne Babych3All with St. Louis Blues.
Lucien Deblois3All with Winnipeg Jets.
Richie Dunn3All with Calgary Flames.
Michel Goulet3All with Quebec Nordiques.
Thomas Gradin3All with Vancouver Canucks.
Dale Hawerchuk3All with Winnipeg Jets.
Steve Kasper3All with Boston Bruins.
Rod Langway32 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Washington Capitals.
Willy Lindstrom3All with Winnipeg Jets.
Morris Lukowich3All with Winnipeg Jets.
Tom Lysiak3All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Greg Meredith3All with Calgary Flames.
Carl Mokosak3All with Calgary Flames.
Pierre Mondou3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Mike Murphy3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Dave Semenko3All with Edmonton Oilers.
Steve Shutt3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Charlie Simmer3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Blaine Stoughton3All with Hartford Whalers.
Brian Sutter3All with St. Louis Blues.
Mario Tremblay3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Bert Wilson3All with Calgary Flames.
Keith Acton2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Glenn Anderson2All with Edmonton Oilers.
Bill Barber2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Mike Bossy2All with New York Islanders.
Ray Bourque2All with Boston Bruins.
Pat Boutette2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Mike Bullard2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Jerry Butler2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Dave Cameron2All with Colorado Rockies.
Blair Chapman2All with St. Louis Blues.
Dave Christian2All with Winnipeg Jets.
Mike Crombeen2All with St. Louis Blues.
Gilbert Delorme2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Ron Duguay2All with New York Rangers.
Karl Eloranta2All with Calgary Flames.
Daryl Evans2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bernie Federko2All with St. Louis Blues.
Tom Fergus2All with Boston Bruins.
Jim Fox2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Paul Gardner2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Mike Gartner2All with Washington Capitals.
Clark Gillies2All with New York Islanders.
Bob Hoffmeyer2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Mark Howe21 with Hartford Whalers, 1 with Philadelphia Flyers.
Earl Ingarfield2All with Calgary Flames.
Tomas Jonsson2All with New York Islanders.
Tim Kerr2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Jari Kurri2All with Edmonton Oilers.
Guy Lafleur2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Rick Lanz2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Reed Larson2All with Detroit Red Wings.
Don Luce21 with Buffalo Sabres, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Blair Macdonald2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Merlin Malinowski2All with Colorado Rockies.
Dennis Maruk2All with Washington Capitals.
Dale McCourt21 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Buffalo Sabres.
Rick Middleton2All with Boston Bruins.
Warren Miller2All with Hartford Whalers.
Gerry Minor2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Lars Molin2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Dave Morrison2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bob Murray2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Jim Nill21 with St. Louis Blues, 1 with Vancouver Canucks.
Wilf Paiement21 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with Quebec Nordiques.
Brad Palmer2All with Minnesota North Stars.
Brent Peterson21 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Buffalo Sabres.
Rob Ramage21 Colorado Rockies, 1 with St. Louis Blues.
Jacques Richard2All with Quebec Nordiques.
Mike Rogers21 Hartford Whalers, 1 with New York Rangers.
Rocky Saganiuk2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Denis Savard2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Derek Smith2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Stan Smyl2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Anton Stastny2All with Quebec Nordiques.
Marian Stastny2All with Quebec Nordiques.
Doug Sulliman21 with New York Rangers, 1 with Hartford Whalers.
Dave Taylor2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bryan Trottier2All with New York Islanders.
Rick Vaive2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Behn Wilson2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Ron Wilson2All with Winnipeg Jets.
Tim Young2All with Minnesota North Stars.
Greg Adams1With Hartford Whalers.
Mike Allison1With New York Rangers.
John Anderson1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Scott Arniel1With Winnipeg Jets.
Brent Ashton1With New Jersey Devils.
John Barrett1With Detroit Red Wings.
Barry Beck1With New York Rangers.
Brian Bellows1With Minnesota North Stars.
Jim Benning1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Mike Blaisdell1With Detroit Red Wings.
Tino Blomqvist1With Washington Capitals.
Fred Boimistruck1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Dan Bonar1With Los Angeles Kings.
Charlie Bourgeois1With Calgary Flames.
Bob Bourne1With New York Islanders.
Paul Boutilier1With New York Islanders.
Steve Bozek1With Los Angeles Kings.
Neal Broten1With Minnesota North Stars.
Jack Brownschidle1With St. Louis Blues.
Guy Carbonneau1With Montreal Canadiens.
Bobby Carpenter1With Washington Capitals.
Billy Carroll1With New York Islanders.
Rick Chartraw1With Los Angeles Kings.
Mike Christie1With Vancouver Canucks.
Dino Ciccarelli1With Minnesota North Stars.
Joe Cirella1With Colorado Rockies.
Bobby Clarke1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Keith Crowder1With Boston Bruins.
Glen Currie1With Washington Capitals.
Tony Currie1With Vancouver Canucks.
Ron Delorme1With Colorado Rockies.
Bill Derlago1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jordy Douglas1With Hartford Whalers.
Gaetan Duchesne1With Washington Capitals.
Norm Dupont1With Winnipeg Jets.
Mike Eaves1With Minnesota North Stars.
Paul Evans1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Lee Fogolin1With Edmonton Oilers.
Dwight Foster1With Detroit Red Wings.
Ron Francis1With Hartford Whalers.
Robbie Ftorek1With New York Rangers.
Bill Gardner1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Mike Gillis1With Boston Bruins.
Glenn Goldup1With Los Angeles Kings.
Tom Gorence1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Butch Goring1With New York Islanders.
Ron Greschner1With New York Rangers.
Bengt Gustafsson1With Washington Capitals.
Matti Hagman1With Edmonton Oilers.
Anders Hakansson1With Minnesota North Stars.
Jean Hamel1With Detroit Red Wings.
Pat Hickey1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ivan Hlinka1With Vancouver Canucks.
Paul Holmgren1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Dean Hopkins1With Los Angeles Kings.
Larry Hopkins1With Winnipeg Jets.
Garry Howatt1With Hartford Whalers.
Willie Huber1With Detroit Red Wings.
Trevor Johansen1With Los Angeles Kings.
Ed Johnstone1With New York Rangers.
Anders Kallur1With New York Islanders.
John-Paul Kelly1With Los Angeles Kings.
Veli-Pekka Ketola1With Colorado Rockies.
Jerry Korab1With Los Angeles Kings.
Jim Korn1With Detroit Red Wings.
Chris Kotsopoulos1With Hartford Whalers.
Mike Krushelnyski1With Boston Bruins.
Pierre Lacroix1With Quebec Nordiques.
Tom Laidlaw1With New York Rangers.
Steve Larmer1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Pierre Larouche1With Hartford Whalers.
Reggie Leach1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Moe Lemay1With Vancouver Canucks.
Lars Lindgren1With Vancouver Canucks.
Ross Lonsberry1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Kevin Lowe1With Edmonton Oilers.
Jan Ludvig1With New Jersey Devils.
Steve Ludzik1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Gary Lupul1With Vancouver Canucks.
Paul MacLean1With Winnipeg Jets.
Jamie Macoun1With Calgary Flames.
Greg Malone1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Dave Maloney1With New York Rangers.
Don Marcotte1With Boston Bruins.
John Marks1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Brad Marsh1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Peter Marsh1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Dan McCarthy1With New York Rangers.
Kevin McCarthy1With Vancouver Canucks.
Billy McCreary1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Walt McKechnie1With Detroit Red Wings.
Tony McKegney1With Buffalo Sabres.
Alex McKendry1With Calgary Flames.
Wayne Merrick1With New York Islanders.
Mike Moller1With Buffalo Sabres.
Hartland Monahan1With St. Louis Blues.
Brian Mullen1With Winnipeg Jets.
Joe Mullen1With St. Louis Blues.
Larry Murphy1With Los Angeles Kings.
Mats Naslund1With Montreal Canadiens.
Chris Nilan1With Montreal Canadiens.
Craig Norwich1With Colorado Rockies.
Bob Nystrom1With New York Islanders.
Mike O'Connell1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Larry Patey1With St. Louis Blues.
Mark Pavelich1With New York Rangers.
Steve Payne1With Minnesota North Stars.
Larry Playfair1With Buffalo Sabres.
Walt Poddubny1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Denis Potvin1With New York Islanders.
Rich Preston1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Craig Ramsay1With Buffalo Sabres.
Pierre Rioux1With Calgary Flames.
Geordie Robertson1With Buffalo Sabres (his only NHL goal).
Tom Rowe1With Detroit Red Wings.
Terry Ruskowski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Andre Savard1With Buffalo Sabres.
Jim Schoenfeld1With Buffalo Sabres.
Ron Sedlbauer1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Dave Silk1With New York Rangers.
Risto Siltanen1With Edmonton Oilers.
Al Sims1With Los Angeles Kings.
Ilkka Sinisalo1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Darryl Sittler1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Doug Smail1With Winnipeg Jets.
Darryl Sutter1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Duane Sutter1With New York Islanders.
Marc Tardif1With Quebec Nordiques.
Greg Terrion1With Los Angeles Kings.
John Tonelli1With New York Islanders.
Ian Turnbull1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Carol Vadnais1With New York Rangers.
Steve Vickers1With New York Rangers.
Stan Weir1With Detroit Red Wings.
Tiger Williams1With Vancouver Canucks.
Tom Younghans1With New York Rangers.
Mike Zuke1With St. Louis Blues.

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