Duquesne Gardens, 1925-1930

Duquesne Gardens

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dates: December 2, 1925-March 18, 1930
Total games: 102

Pittsburgh home games not played at Duquesne:
- March 16, 1929, vs. Boston Bruins (at Boston Garden)
- March 17, 1929, vs. New York Rangers (at Madison Square Garden)
- January 25, 1930, vs. Chicago Blackhawks (at Boardwalk Hall)
- February 12, 1930, vs. Boston Bruins (at Peace Bridge Arena)
- February 20, 1930, vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (at Arena Gardens)
- March 8, 1930, vs. Chicago Blackhawks (at Peace Bridge Arena)
- March 15, 1930, vs. New York Rangers (at Madison Square Garden)
- March 18, 1930, vs Detroit Falcons (at Peace Bridge Arena)

Total goals: 436 by 115 players
218 (Pittsburgh Pirates), 28 (New York Rangers), 26 (Chicago Blackhawks), 25 (Montreal Maroons), 24 (Boston Bruins), 24 (Montreal Canadiens), 23 (Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs), 23 (Ottawa Senators), 20 (New York Americans)

Duquesne Gardens was the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates before the team moved to Philadelphia in 1930. The team had significant financial difficulties before they moved and played numerous home games away from Duquesne.







Player Goals Notes
Hib Milks52All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Harold Darragh36All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Tex White1918 with Pittsburgh Pirates, 1 with New York Americans.
Johnny McKinnon16All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Baldy Cotton12All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Rodger Smith12All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Herb Drury11All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Gerry Lowrey10All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Bert McCaffrey10All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Duke McCurry10All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Lionel Conacher74 with Pittsburgh Pirates, 3 with New York Americans.
Bun Cook7All with New York Rangers.
Babe Dye74 with Toronto St. Patricks, 3 with Chicago Blackhawks.
George Hay7All with Detroit Cougars.
Hap Day6All with Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs.
Jimmy Herbert6All with Boston Bruins.
Nels Stewart6All with Montreal Maroons.
Ty Arbour52 with Pittsburgh Pirates, 3 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Carson Cooper5All with Detroit Cougars.
Dick Irvin5All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Hec Kilrea5All with Ottawa Senators.
Harry Oliver5All with Boston Bruins.
Jess Spring5All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Ace Bailey4All with Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs.
King Clancy4All with Ottawa Senators.
Bill Cook4All with New York Rangers.
Frank Frederickson43 with Pittsburgh Pirates, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Art Gagne43 with Monreal Canadiens, 1 with Ottawa Senators.
Bud Jarvis4All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Charlie Langlois43 with Pittsburgh Pirates, 1 with New York Americans.
Howie Morenz4All with Montreal Canadiens.
Johnny Sheppard4All with Detroit Cougars.
Babe Siebert4All with Montreal Maroons.
Hooley Smith42 with Montreal Maroons, 1 with Ottawa Seantors.
Jack Adams3All with Toronto St. Patricks.
Billy Boucher32 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Dit Clapper3All with Boston Bruins.
Frank Finnigan3All with Ottawa Senators.
Norm Himes3All with New York Americans.
Aurel Joliat3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Wally Kilrea3All with Ottawa Senators.
Wildor Larochelle3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Albert Leduc3All with Montreal Canadiens.
Charlie McVeigh3With Chicago Blackhawks.
Murray Murdoch3All with New York Rangers.
Paul Thompson3All with New York Rangers.
Cliff Barton2All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Frank Boucher2All with New York Rangers.
Leo Bourgeult2All with New York Rangers.
Billy Burch2All with New York Americans.
Bill Carson2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Odie Cleghorn2All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Harry Connor2All with New York Americans.
Corb Denneny2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Cy Denneny2All with Ottawa Senators.
Gord Fraser21 with Pittsburgh Pirates, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Jerry Geran2All with Boston Bruins.
Red Green2All with New York Americans.
Toots Holway2All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Butch Keeling2All with New York Rangers.
Joe Lamb2All with Ottawa Senators.
Mickey MacKay2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Dinny Manners2All with Pittsburgh Pirates.
Dunc Munro2All with Montreal Maroons.
Bill Phillips2All with Montreal Maroons.
Eddie Shore2All with Boston Bruins.
Alex Smith2All with Ottawa Senators.
Dave Trottier2All with Montreal Maroons.
Cooney Weiland2All with Boston Bruins.
Taffy Abel1With New York Rangers.
Andy Blair1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Edmond Bouchard1With New York Americans.
George Boucher1With Montreal Maroons.
Punch Broadbent1With Montreal Maroons.
Bill Brydge1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Marty Burke1With Montreal Canadiens.
Bobby Burns1With Chicago Blackhawks (his only NHL goal).
Spiff Campbell1With New York Americans.
Danny Cox1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Art Duncan1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Herb Gardiner1With Montreal Canadiens.
Ebbie Goodfellow1With Detroit Cougars.
Fred Gordon1With Detroit Cougars.
Johnny Gottselig1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Alex Gray1With New York Rangers.
Slim Halderson1With Detroit Cougars.
Lionel Hitchman1With Boston Bruins.
Frank Ingram1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Ching Johnson1With New York Rangers.
Duke Keats1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Hobie Kitchen1With Montreal Maroons.
Hec Lepine1With Montreal Canadiens.
Pit Lepine1With Montreal Canadiens.
Herbie Lewis1With Detroit Cougars.
Clem Loughlin1With Detroit Cougars.
George Mantha1With Montreal Canadiens.
Mush March1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Mickey McGuire1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Alex McKinnon1With New York Americans.
Earl Miller1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Reg Noble1With Montreal Maroons.
Russell Oatman1With New York Rangers.
Pete Palangio1With Detroit Cougars.
Leo Reise1With New York Americans.
Vic Ripley1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Joe Simpson1With New York Americans.
Art Smith1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Art Somers1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Ralph Taylor1With New York Rangers.
Bill Touhey1With Ottawa Senators.
Bobby Trapp1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Percy Traub1With Detroit Cougars.
Jimmy Ward1With Montreal Maroons.
Nick Wasnie1With Montreal Canadiens.
Cully Wilson1With Chicago Blackhawks.

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