Montreal Forum, 1924-1996

Montreal Forum

Location: Montreal, Quebec
Dates: November 29, 1924-March 11, 1996
Total games: 2613

Games played at the Montreal Forum that were not Maroons/Canadiens home games:
November 29, 1924 - Toronto St. Patricks @ Montreal Canadiens (the Canadiens home arena was still Mount Royal Arena)
February 6, 1937 - Montreal Maroons @ New York Rangers (the Rangers were the home team at this game)

Maroons/Canadiens home games played away from the Montreal Forum:
February 7, 1937 - New York Rangers @ Montreal Maroons (the Maroons were the home team at a game at Madison Square Garden)
January 4, 1993 - San Jose Sharks @ Montreal Canadiens (ARCO Arena, Sacramento)
November 18, 1993 - New York Islanders @ Montreal Canadiens (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)

Total goals: 15,930 by 1688 players

Montreal Canadiens (8969 goals), Montreal Maroons (902), Boston Bruins (791), Toronto St. Patricks/Toronto Maple Leafs (764), New York Rangers (697), Detroit Falcons/Cougars/Red Wings (694), Chicago Blackhawks (692), Buffalo Sabres (241), New York Americans (194), Philadelphia Flyers (179), Quebec Nordiques (176), Hartford Whalers (169), Pittsburgh Penguins (151), Los Angeles Kings (150), St. Louis Blues (137), New York Islanders (125), Minnesota North Stars (123), Vancouver Canucks (122), Washington Capitals (88), Ottawa Senators (original) (80), Calgary Flames (67), Edmonton Oilers (67), New Jersey Devils (61), Winnipeg Jets (52), California Seals/Oakland Seals/California Golden Seals (48), Ottawa Senators (32), Colorado Rockies (29), Atlanta Flames (28), Pittsburgh Pirates (27), Tampa Bay Lightning (14), Florida Panthers (13), Cleveland Barons (9), St. Louis Eagles (9), Kansas City Scouts (6), Philadelphia Quakers (6), Anaheim Ducks (4), Dallas Stars (3), Hamilton Tigers (3), Colorado Avalanche (2).

The Montreal Forum was originally the home of the Montreal Maroons, from 1924 until they disbanded in 1938. However, as Montreal's oldest team, the Canadiens had the honour of playing the first game there in 1924, against the Toronto St. Patricks. The Canadiens played at Mount Royal Arena at the time, but shared the Forum with the Maroons starting in 1926. They played at the Forum until moving to Bell Centre in 1996.

Player Goals Notes
Maurice Richard322All with Montreal Canadiens.
Guy Lafleur306303 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with New York Rangers, 1 with Quebec Nordiques.
Jean Beliveau291All with Montreal Canadiens.
Yvan Cournoyer240All with Montreal Canadiens.
Steve Shutt226225 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Los Angeles Kings.
Bernie Geoffrion224220 with Montreal Canadiens, 4 with New York Rangers.
Jacques Lemaire211All with Montreal Canadiens.
Henri Richard203All with Montreal Canadiens.
Claude Provost146All with Montreal Canadiens.
Mario Tremblay146All with Montreal Canadiens.
Mats Naslund141All with Montreal Canadiens.
Aurel Joliat138All with Montreal Canadiens.
Dickie Moore138All with Montreal Canadiens.
Bob Gainey136All with Montreal Canadiens.
Toe Blake132All with Montreal Canadiens.
Guy Carbonneau131All with Montreal Canadiens.
Pete Mahovlich127125 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Nels Stewart125104 with Montreal Maroons, 8 with Boston Bruins, 13 with New York Americans.
Bobby Rousseau122121 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New York Rangers.
Howie Morenz121120 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Elmer Lach118All with Montreal Canadiens.
Stephane Richer115All with Montreal Canadiens.
Ralph Backstrom114111 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with Los Angeles Kings.
Larry Robinson110All with Montreal Canadiens.
Pierre Mondou108All with Montreal Canadiens.
Yvon Lambert107All with Montreal Canadiens.
Guy Lapointe103All with Montreal Canadiens.
Hooley Smith9792 with Montreal Maroons, 5 with Ottawa Senators (original).
Pit Lepine94All with Montreal Canadiens.
Jimmy Ward9289 with Montreal Maroons, 3 with Montreal Canadiens.
Pierre Larouche8977 with Montreal Canadianes, 6 with Pittsburgh Penguins, 2 with Hartford Whalers, 4 with New York Rangers.
Bobby Smith8986 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with Minnesota North Stars.
Frank Mahovlich8862 with Montreal Canadiens, 21 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 5 with Detroit Red Wings.
Gilles Tremblay87All with Montreal Canadiens.
Johnny Gagnon8685 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New York Americans.
Rejean Houle85All with Montreal Canadiens.
Mike McPhee84All with Montreal Canadiens.
John Ferguson83All with Montreal Canadiens.
Don Marshall8271 with Montreal Canadiens, 10 with New York Rangers, 1 with Buffalo Sabre.
Ryan Walter8280 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Washington Capitals.
Baldy Northcott78All with Montreal Maroons.
Babe Siebert7654 with Montreal Maroons, 2 with New York Rangers, 4 with Boston Bruins, 16 with Montreal Canadiens.
Dick Duff7455 with Montreal Canadiens, 19 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ken Mosdell7473 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New York Americans.
Dave Trottier74All with Montreal Maroons.
Mark Napier7271 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Edmonton Oilers.
Bert Olmstead6964 with Montreal Canadiens, 5 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Shayne Corson67All with Montreal Canadiens.
Doug Risebrough6463 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Calgary Flames.
Claude Larose6361 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Minnesota North Stars, 1 with St. Louis Bllues.
Billy Reay6260 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Detroit Red Wings.
Ray Getliffe6155 with Montreal Canadiens, 6 with Boston Bruins.
Floyd Curry60All with Montreal Canadiens.
Georges Mantha60All with Montreal Canadiens.
Gordie Howe59All with Detroit Red Wings.
Stephane Lebeau59All with Montreal Canadiens.
Wildor Larochelle58All with Montreal Canadiens.
Vincent Damphousse5752 with Montreal Canadiens, 5 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Serge Savard57All with Montreal Canadiens.
Claude Lemieux5453 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New Jersey Devils.
Herb Cain5232 with Montreal Maroons, 8 with Montreal Canadiens, 12 with Boston Bruins.
Doug Harvey5049 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New York Rangers.
Doug Jarvis49All with Montreal Canadiens.
Joe Benoit48All with Montreal Canadiens.
Mike Keane48All with Montreal Canadiens.
Chris Nilan4847 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Keith Acton4744 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Minnesota North Stars, 1 with Philadelphia Flyers.
Sylvio Mantha47All with Montreal Canadiens.
Kirk Muller4746 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New Jersey Devils.
Denis Savard4738 with Montreal Canadiens, 9 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Brian Bellows4640 with Montreal Canadiens, 5 with Minnesota North Stars, 1 with Tampa Bay Lightning.
Marcel Bonin4644 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Detroit Red Wings.
Russ Courtnall4543 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Bill Hicke4540 with Montreal Canadiens, 4 with New York Rangers, 1 with Oakland Seals.
Earl Robinson4543 with Montreal Maroons, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Paul Haynes4417 with Montreal Maroons, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 26 with Montreal Canadiens.
Brian Skrudland43All with Montreal Canadiens.
Phil Goyette4234 with Montreal Canadiens, 6 with New York Rangers, 2 with St. Louis Blues.
Marc Tardif4137 with Montreal Canadiens, 4 with Quebec Nordiques.
Buddy O’Connor4038 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with New York Rangers.
Russ Blinco3938 with Montreal Maroons, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Dave Balon3730 with Montreal Canadiens, 5 with New York Rangers, 2 with Vancouver Canucks..
Chris Chelios36All with Montreal Canadiens.
Butch Bouchard35All with Montreal Canadiens.
Murray Wilson3534 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Los Angeles Kings.
Murph Chamberlain3433 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Alex Delvecchio34All with Detroit Red Wings.
Bobby Hull34All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Andre Pronovost3425 with Montreal Canadiens, 6 with Boston Bruins, 3 with Detroit Red Wings.
Mathieu Schneider34All with Montreal Canadiens.
J.C. Tremblay34All with Montreal Canadiens.
Pierre Turgeon3427 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with Buffalo Sabres, 4 with New York Islanders.
Gilbert Dionne33All with Montreal Canadiens.
Gordie Drillon3318 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 15 with Montreal Canadiens.
Jim Roberts3332 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with St. Louis Blues.
Bob Gracie3226 with Montreal Maroons, 2 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with Boston Bruins, 1 with New York Americans, 1 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Mickey Redmond3227 with Montreal Canadiens, 5 with Detroit Red Wings.
Kjell Dahlin30All with Montreal Canadiens.
Mark Hunter3027 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with St. Louis Blues..
Red Kelly3018 with Detroit Red Wings, 12 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jacques Laperriere30All with Montreal Canadiens.
John LeClair3026 with Montreal Canadiens, 4 with Philadelphia Flyers.
Albert Leduc30All with Montreal Canadiens.
Ted Lindsay3026 with Detroit Red Wings, 4 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Doug Wickenheiser30All with Montreal Canadiens.
Stan Mikita29All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Armand Mondou29All with Montreal Canadiens.
Dean Prentice2916 with New York Rangers, 4 with Boston Bruins, 4 with Detroit Red Wings, 2 with Pittsburgh Penguins, 3 with Minnesota North Stars.
Ken Wharram29All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Brent Gilchrist28All with Montreal Canadiens.
Michel Goulet2826 with Quebec Nordiques, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Baldy MacKay28All with Montreal Canadiens.
Bill Phillips28All with Montreal Maroons.
Tod Sloan2821 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 7 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Marty Barry2713 with Boston Bruins, 11 with Detroit Red Wings, 3 with Montreal Canadiens.
Bob Fillion27All with Montreal Canadiens.
Busher Jackson2723 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with new York Americans, 3 with Bostn Bruins.
Tom Johnson27All with Montreal Canadiens.
Mark Recchi2725 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Philadelphia Flyers.
Norm Ullman2718 with Detorit Red Wings, 9 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Lionel Conacher2621 with Montreal Maroons, 3 with New York Americans, 1 with Pittsburgh Pirates, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Eric Desjardins2625 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Philaelphia Flyers.
Phil Esposito268 with Chicago Blackhawks, 14 with Boston Bruins, 4 with new York Rangers.
Syd Howe261 with Philadelphia Quakers, 3 with Ottawa Senators (original), 22 with Detroit Red Wings.
Gus Marker2624 with Montreal Maroons, 2 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Bill Mosienko26All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Dit Clapper25All with Boston Bruins.
Art Gagne2519 with Montreal Canadiens, 6 with Ottawa Senators (original).
Chuck Lefley2523 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with St. Louis Blues.
Ab McDonald2511 with Montreal Canadiens, 11 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Pittsburgh Penguins, 1 with St. Louis Blues.
Leo Gravelle24All with Montreal Canadiens.
Glen Harmon24All with Montreal Canadiens.
Paul Meger24All with Montreal Canadiens.
John Bucyk23All with Boston Bruins.
Camille Henry2322 with New York Rangers, 1 with St. Louis Blues.
Lorne Carr2211 with New York Americans, 11 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Leroy Goldsworthy2219 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New York Rangers, 2 with Boston Bruins.
Gerry Heffernan22All with Montreal Canadiens.
Joe Lamb226 with Montreal Maroons, 6 with Ottawa Senators (original), 6 with New York Americans, 1 with Boston Bruins, 2 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
Ed Litzenberger227 with Montreal Canadiens, 13 with Chicago Blackhawks, 2 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Bob Nevin225 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 11 with New York Rangers, 1 with Minnesota North Stars, 5 with Los Angeles Kings.
Charlie Sands2215 with Montreal Canadiens, 7 with Boston Bruins.
Sweeney Schriner2211 with New York Americans, 11 with Toronto Maple Leafsh.
Petr Svoboda22All with Montreal Canadiens.
Nick Wasnie2221 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with New York Americans.
Phil Watson229 with Montreal Canadiens, 13 with New York Rangers.
Andy Bathgate2119 with New York Rangers, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Jean-Guy Gendron216 with Montreal Canadiens, 5 with New York Rangers, 6 with Boston Bruins, 4 with Philadelphia Flyers.
Rod Gilbert21All with New York Rangers.
Ebbie Goodfellow21All with Detroit Cougars/Falcons/Red Wings.
Milt Schmidt21All with Boston Bruins.
Syl Apps, Sr.20All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Benoit Brunet20All with Montreal Canadiens.
Glen Brydson2016 with Montreal Maroons, 1 with St. Louis Eagles, 2 with New York Rangers, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Charlie Conacher2019 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with New York Americans.
Dutch Hiller2016 with Montreal Canadiens, 4 with New York Rangers.
Jimmy Peters2012 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Boston Bruins, 3 with Detroit Red Wings, 3 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Jean-Guy Talbot20All with Montreal Canadiens.
Sylvain Turgeon208 with Montreal Canadiens, 10 with Hartford Whalers, 2 with Ottawa Senators.
Punch Broadbent19All with Montreal Maroons.
Cec Dillon19All with New York Rangers.
Dick Gamble19All with Montreal Canadiens.
Gaston Gingras19All with Montreal Canadiens.
Rod Lorrain19All with Montreal Canadiens.
Ken Reardon19All with Montreal Canadiens.
Brian Savage19All with Montreal Canadiens.
Louis Trudel1915 with Montreal Canadiens, 4 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Dave Andreychuk1817 with Buffalo Sabres, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Max Bentley187 with Chicago Blackhawks, 9 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 with New York Rangers.
Joe Carveth1810 with Montreal Canadiens, 6 with Detroit Red Wings, 2 with Boston Bruins.
Roy Conacher185 with Boston Bruins, 2 with Detroit Red Wings, 11 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Bun Cook18All with New York Rangers.
Lucien DeBlois1813 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with New York Rangers, 1 with Winnipeg Jets, 1 with Quebec Nordiques.
Norm Dussault18All with Montreal Canadiens.
Stewart Evans1817 with Montreal Maroons, 1 with Montreal Canadiens.
Sergio Momesso1817 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Vancouver Canucks.
Murray Oliver181 with Detroit Red Wings, 13 with Boston Bruins, 3 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with Minnesota North Stars.
Leon Rochefort1811 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with Philadelphia Flyers, 1 with Los Angeles Kings, 1 with Detroit Red Wings, 2 with Atlanta Flames.
Harry Watson183 with Detroit Red Wings, 10 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 5 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Sid Abel1716 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Larry Aurie17All with Detroit Cougars/Falcons/Red Wings.
Joffre Desilets1713 with Montreal Canadiens, 4 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Terry Reardon1715 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Boston Bruins.
Al Shields178 with Montreal Maroons, 5 with Ottawa Senators (original), 4 with New York Americans.
Ron Stewart1710 with Toroto Maple Leafs, 4 with Boston Bruins, 3 with New York Rangers.
Bill Thoms1711 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 5 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Buzz Boll1611 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 with New York Americans, 3 with Boston Bruins.
Valeri Bure16All with Montreal Canadiens.
Bill Cook16All with New York Rangers.
Dave Creighton167 with Boston Bruins, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks, 6 with new York Rangers, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ron Francis1615 with Hartford Whalers, 1 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
George Gee1615 with Chicago Backhawks, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
Butch Keeling164 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 12 with New York Rangers.
Mush March16All with Chicago Backhawks.
Eric Nesterenko163 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 13 with Chicago Backhawks.
Paul Thompson162 with New York Rangers, 14 with Chicago Backhawks.
Cy Wentworth1614 with Montreal Maroons, 1 with Montreal Caadiens, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Eddie Wiseman162 with Detroit Red Wings, 11 with new York Americans, 3 with Boston Bruins.
George Armstrong15All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Kevin Dineen1511 with Hartford Whalers, 4 with Philadelphia Flyers.
Woody Dumart15All with Boston Bruins.
Bill Gadsby157 with Chicago Blackhawks, 6 with New York Rangers, 2 with Detroit Red Wings.
Vic Hadfield1514 with New York Rangers, 1 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Andy Hebenton1513 with New York Rangers, 2 with Boston Bruins.
Bryan Hextall, Sr.15All with New York Rangers.
Bronco Horvath153 with New York Rangers, 12 with Boston Bruins.
Nick Metz15All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Bob Pulford1514 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with Los Angeles Kings.
John Quilty1513 with Montreal Canadiens, 2 with Boston Bruins.
Sid Smith15All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Vic Stasiuk1511 with Boston Bruins, 4 with Detroit Red Wings.
Jerry Toppazzini1513 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
Cooney Weiland1512 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Ottawa Senators (original), 2 with Detroit Red Wings.
Doug Bentley14All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Frank Boucher14All with New York Rangers.
Ray Bourque14All with Boston Bruins.
Patrice Brisebois14All with Montreal Canadiens.
Marcel Dionne143 with Detroit Red Wings, 11 with Los Angeles Kings.
Johnny Gottselig14All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Ken Hodge143 with Chicago Blackhawks, 10 with Boston Bruins, 1 with New York Rangers.
Dave Keon14All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Hec Kilrea149 with Ottawa Senators (original), 2 with Toronto Male Leafs, 3 with Detroit Red Wings.
Pat LaFontaine144 with New York Islanders, 10 with Buffalo sabres.
Don McKenney1411 with Boston Bruins, 3 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Dunc Munro14All with Montreal Maroons.
Robert Picard1410 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Washington Capitals, 2 with Winnipeg Jets, 1 with Quebec Nordiques.
Jean Ratelle1413 with New York Rangers, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Rip Riopelle14All with Montreal Canadiens.
Martin Rucinsky1411 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with Quebec Nordiques.
Eddie Shack142 with New York Rangers, 7 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Los Angeles Kings, 1 with Buffalo Sabres, 1 with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Clint Smith1410 with New York Rangers, 4 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Grant Warwick1411 with New York Rangers, 3 with Boston Bruins.
Mike Bossy13All with New York Islanders.
Carson Cooper133 with Boston Bruins, 2 with Montreal Canadiens, 8 with Detroit Cougars/Falcons.
Paul DiPietro13All with Montreal Canadiens.
Fleming Mackell133 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 10 with Boston Bruins.
Rick Martin13All with Buffalo Sabres.
Jack McGill13All with Montreal Canadiens.
George Patterson134 with Montreal Canadiens, 9 with New York Americans.
Gilbert Perreault13All with Buffalo Sabres.
Phil Roberto1312 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
John Sorrell1310 with Detroit Falcons/Red Wings, 3 with New York Americans.
Peter Stastny1311 with Quebec Nordiques, 2 with New Jersey Devils.
Gary Unger135 with Detroit Red Wings, 8 with St. Louis Blues.
George Allen125 with Montreal Canadiens, 7 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Red Berenson128 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with St. Louis Blues.
Billy Burch1211 with New York Americans, 1 with Boston Bruins.
King Clancy124 with Ottawa Senators (original), 8 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Keith Crowder12All with Boston Bruins.
Ray Ferraro128 with Hartford Whalers, 4 with New York Islanders.
Bep Guidolin124 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Detroit Red Wings, 7 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Ted Harris12All with Montreal Canadiens.
Tim Horton1211 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with New York Rangers.
Dennis Hull12All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Leo Labine1211 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
Rod Langway12All with Montreal Canadiens.
Jack LeClair12All with Montreal Canadiens.
Fern Majeau12All with Montreal Canadiens.
Lanny McDonald127 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 5 with Calgary Flames.
Ron Murphy121 with New York Rangers, 7 with Chicago Blackhawks, 3 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Boston Bruins.
Cam Neely12All with Boston Bruins.
Oleg Petrov12All with Montreal Canadiens.
Dollard St. Laurent12All with Montreal Canadiens.
Tom Williams129 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Minnesota North Stars, 1 with California Seals, 1 with Washington Capitals.
Ace Bailey11All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Pierre Bouchard1110 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Washington Capitals.
Mud Bruneteau11All with Detroit Red Wings.
Bill Cowley111 with St. Louis Eagles, 10 with Boston Bruins.
J.J. Daigneault11All with Montreal Canadiens.
Polly Drouin11All with Montreal Canadiens.
Cal Gardner111 with New York Rangers, 4 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks, 4 with Boston Bruins.
Red Goupille11All with Montreal Canadiens.
Earl Ingarfield1110 with New York Rangers, 1 with Oakland Seals.
Pep Kelly116 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with New York Americans.
Leo Lamoureux11All with Montreal Canadiens.
Herbie Lewis11All with Detroit Falcons/Red Wings.
Jim McFadden117 with Detroit Red Wings, 4 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Jack McIntyre112 with Boston Bruins, 5 with Chicago Blackhawks, 4 with Detroit Red Wings.
John McKenzie111 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with New York Rangers, 8 with Boston Bruins.
Rick Middleton1110 with Boston Bruins, 1 with New York Ragers.
Reg Noble1110 with Montreal Maroons, 2 with Detroit Cougars.
Harry Oliver118 with Boston Bruins, 3 with New York Americans.
Johnny Peirson11All with Boston Bruins.
Bud Poile113 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks, 4 with Detroit Red Wings, 2 with Boston Bruins.
Rene Robert1110 with Buffalo Sabres, 1 with Colorado Rockies.
Darcy Rota118 with Chicago Blackhawks, 3 with Vancouver Canucks.
Ed Westfall116 with Boston Bruins, 5 with New York Islanders.
John Anderson105 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 5 with Hartford Whalers.
Jack Beattie108 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Detroit Red Wings, with New York Americans.
Andy Blair10All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Marty Burke109 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Tony Demers10All with Montreal Canadiens.
Ron Ellis10All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Todd Ewen10All with Montreal Canadiens.
Frank Finnigan107 with Ottawa Senators (original), 3 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Fern Gauthier109 with Montreal Canadiens, 1 with Detroit Red wings.
Bill Goldsworthy10All with Minnesota North Stars.
Normie Himes10All with New York Americans.
Ted Kennedy10All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Cliff Koroll10All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Andrei Kovalenko106 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with Quebec Nordiques, 1 with Colorado Avalanche.
Edgar Laprade10All with New York Rangers.
Craig Ludwig10All with Montreal Canadiens.
Parker MacDonald109 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Minnesota North Stars.
Bill MacKenzie104 with Montreal Canadiens, 3 with Montreal Maroons, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with New York Rangers.
Pit Martin107 with Chicago Blackhawks, 2 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
Charley McVeigh10All with with New York Americans.
Doug Mohns107 with with Boston Bruins, 3 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Lynn Patrick10All with New York Rangers.
Metro Prystai108 with Detroit Red Wings, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Don Raleigh10All with New York Rangers.
Doc Romnes109 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ed Sandford108 with with Boston Bruins, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Pete Stemkowski102 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 with Detroit Red Wings, 3 with New York Rangers, 1 with Los Angeles Kings.
Blaine Stoughton109 with Hartford Whalers, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Dave Taylor10All with Los Angeles Kings.
Alfie Turcotte10All with Montreal Canadiens.
Bill Barber9All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Wayne Cashman9All with Boston Bruins.
John Chabot9All with Montreal Canadiens.
Rick Chartraw9All with Montreal Canadiens.
Neil Colville9All with New York Rangers.
Jim Conacher92 with Detroit Red Wings, 6 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with New York Rangers.
Geoff Courtnall97 with Boston Bruins, 2 with Washington Capitals.
Bob Davidson9All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Tom Fergus98 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Mike Foligno91 with Detroit Red Wings, 8 with Buffalo Sabres.
Jim Fox9All with Los Angeles Kings.
Kevin Haller9All with Montreal Canadiens.
Paul Henderson92 with Detroit Red Wings, 7 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Phil Housley9All with Buffalo Sabres.
Art Jackson91 with New York Americans, 8 with Boston Bruins.
Tony Leswick95 with New York Rangers, 2 with Detroit Red Wings, 2 with Chicago Blackhawks.
Carl Liscombe9All with Detroit Red Wings.
Bruce MacGregor9All with Detroit Red Wings.
John MacLean9All with New Jersey Devils.
Sean McKenna98 with Buffalo Sabres, 1 with Los Angeles Kings.
Russell Oatman96 with Montreal Maroons, 2 with Detroit Cougars, 1 with Montreal Canadiens.
Lyle Odelein9All with Montreal Canadiens.
Alex Shibicky9All with New York Rangers.
Gaye Stewart93 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 with Chicago Blckhawks, 2 with Detroit Red Wings.
Walt Tkaczuk9All with New York Rangers.
Steve Vickers9All with New York Rangers.
Johnny Wilson92 with Detroit Red Wings, 1 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs,5 with New York Rangers.
Tommy Anderson8All with New York Americans.
Gus Bodnar84 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 with Chicago Blckhawks.
Art Chapman8All with.
Bobby Clarke8All with.
Mac Colville8All with.
Lolo Couture8All with.
Ab DeMarco8All with.
Gary Dornhoefer8All with.
Red Dutton8All with.
Reg Fleming8All with.
Hank Goldup8All with.
Danny Grant8All with.
Wayne Gretzky8All with.
Jimmy Herbert8All with.
Dennis Hextall8All with.
Flash Hollett8All with.
Alex Kaleta8All with.
Saku Koivu8All with.
Jari Kurri8All with.
Gary Leeman8All with.
Roger Leger8All with.
Mickey MacKay8All with.
Dennis Maruk8All with.
Paul Masnick8All with.
John McCormack8All with.
Tony McKegney8All with.
Nick Mickoski8All with.
Larry Murphy8All with.
Buddy O'Connor8All with.
Terry O'Reilly8All with.
Jim Pappin8All with.
Jean Pronovost8All with.
Luc Robitaille8All with.
Paul Ronty8All with.
Paul Runge8All with.
Glen Sather8All with.
Andre Savard8All with.
Ken Schinkel8All with.
Earl Seibert8All with.
Bobby Sheehan8All with.
Johnny Sheppard8All with.
Eddie Shore8All with.
Glen Skov8All with.
Floyd Smith8All with.
Turner Stevenson8All with.
Mats Sundin8All with.
Steve Thomas8All with.
Bryan Trottier8All with.
Carol Vadnais8All with.
John Van Boxmeer8All with.
Mike Walton8All with.
Steve Yzerman8All with.
Glenn Anderson7All with.
Brent Ashton7All with.
Pete Babando7All with.
Rod Brind'Amour7All with.
Gerry Carson7All with.
Tom Chorske7All with.
Dave Christian7All with.
Tommy Cook7All with.
Baldy Cotton7All with.
Danny Cox7All with.
Gilbert Delorme7All with.
Herb Gardiner7All with.
Clark Gillies7All with.
Rick Green7All with.
Billy Harris27All with.
Mel Hill7All with.
Benoit Hogue7All with.
Harry Howell7All with.
Brett Hull7All with.
Steve Kasper7All with.
Reggie Leach7All with.
Danny Lewicki7All with.
Ken Linseman7All with.
Pete Morin7All with.
Bobby Orr7All with.
Mark Osborne7All with.
Barry Pederson7All with.
Mark Pederson7All with.
Alf Pike7All with.
Dave Poulin7All with.
Joe Primeau7All with.
Ed Ronan7All with.
Sammy Rothschild7All with.
J.F. Sauve7All with.
Brendan Shanahan7All with.
Charlie Simmer7All with.
Craig Simpson7All with.
Doug Smith7All with.
Ron Sutter7All with.
Bill Touhey7All with.
Perry Turnbull7All with.
Pat Verbeek7All with.
Scott Young7All with.
Greg Adams6All with.
Ty Arbour6All with.
Leo Boivin6All with.
Billy Boucher6All with.
Bob Bourne6All with.
Neal Broten6All with.
Bob Carse6All with.
Frank Carson6All with.
Andrew Cassels6All with.
Guy Charron6All with.
Real Cloutier6All with.
Bill Collins6All with.
Alain Cote6All with.
Brian Cullen6All with.
Ray Cullen6All with.
Harold Darragh6All with.
Hap Day6All with.
Billy Dea6All with.
Cy Denneny6All with.
Ron Duguay6All with.
Babe Dye6All with.
Pat Egan6All with.
Gerry Ehman6All with.
Bill Ezinicki6All with.
Bill Flett6All with.
Val Fonteyne6All with.
Doug Gilmour6All with.
Butch Goring6All with.
Don Grosso6All with.
Terry Harper6All with.
Dale Hawerchuk6All with.
George Hay6All with.
Wally Hergesheimer6All with.
Red Heron6All with.
Dale Hunter6All with.
Jaromir Jagr6All with.
Roger Jenkins6All with.
Steve Jensen6All with.
Eddie Joyal6All with.
Tom Kurvers6All with.
Mark Lamb6All with.
Sylvain Lefebvre6All with.
Jocelyn Lemieux6All with.
Rick MacLeish6All with.
Brian MacLellan6All with.
Chico Maki6All with.
Don Maloney6All with.
Walt McKechnie6All with.
Peter McNab6All with.
Brian Mullen6All with.
Bernie Nicholls6All with.
Owen Nolan6All with.
Adam Oates6All with.
John Ogrodnick6All with.
Wilf Paiement6All with.
Greg Paslawski6All with.
Marty Pavelich6All with.
Larry Pleau6All with.
Larry Popein6All with.
Jack Portland6All with.
Babe Pratt6All with.
Brian Propp6All with.
Craig Ramsay6All with.
Joe Sakic6All with.
Tomas Sandstrom6All with.
Art Somers6All with.
Anton Stastny6All with.
Brent Sutter6All with.
Gilles Thibaudeau6All with.
Eddie Wares6All with.
Archie Wilcox6All with.
Tom Williams26All with.
Doug Wilson6All with.
Doug Young6All with.
Mike Zuke6All with.
Jack Adams5All with.
John Adams5All with.
Lou Angotti5All with.
Donald Audette5All with.
Wayne Babych5All with.
Murray Balfour5All with.
Bobby Bauer5All with.
Bob Berry5All with.
Ivan Boldirev5All with.
J.P. Bordeleau5All with.
Georges Boucher5All with.
Mel Bridgman5All with.
George Brown5All with.
Mike Bullard5All with.
Randy Burridge5All with.
Craig Cameron5All with.
Tod Campeau5All with.
Bobby Carpenter5All with.
Gino Cavallini5All with.
Blair Chapman5All with.
Bob Crawford5All with.
Jack Crawford5All with.
Adam Creighton5All with.
Barry Cullen5All with.
Lorne Davis5All with.
Dean Evason5All with.
Lorne Ferguson5All with.
Ron Flockhart5All with.
Mike Gartner5All with.
Ron Greschner5All with.
Red Hamill5All with.
Ed Harrison5All with.
Bill Hay5All with.
Paul Holmgren5All with.
Red Horner5All with.
Garry Howatt5All with.
Mark Howe5All with.
Wally Kilrea5All with.
Dede Klein5All with.
Ed Kullman5All with.
Orland Kurtenbach5All with.
Charlie Langlois5All with.
Craig Laughlin5All with.
Peter Lee5All with.
Mario Lemieux5All with.
Nick Libett5All with.
Jacques Locas5All with.
Ross Lonsberry5All with.
Jim Lorentz5All with.
Don Luce5All with.
Tom Lysiak5All with.
Paul MacDermid5All with.
Don Marcotte5All with.
Mike McMahonSr5All with.
Gerry Meehan5All with.
Howie Meeker5All with.
Smiley Meronek5All with.
Joe Mullen5All with.
Murray Murdoch5All with.
Lou Nanne5All with.
Petr Nedved5All with.
Simon Nolet5All with.
Gerry O'Flaherty5All with.
J.P. Parise5All with.
Brent Peterson5All with.
Walt Poddubny5All with.
Greg Polis5All with.
Denis Potvin5All with.
Dave Reid5All with.
Jacques Richard5All with.
Jack Riley5All with.
Vic Ripley5All with.
Larry Romanchych5All with.
Geoff Sanderson5All with.
Ric Seiling5All with.
Darryl Sittler5All with.
Alex Smart5All with.
Des Smith5All with.
Ken Smith5All with.
Andre St. Laurent5All with.
Fred Stanfield5All with.
Allan Stanley5All with.
Red Sullivan5All with.
Patrik Sundstrom5All with.
Billy Taylor5All with.
Errol Thompson5All with.
Bob Turner5All with.
Rick Vaive5All with.
Hannu Virta5All with.
David Volek5All with.
Carl Voss5All with.
Juha Widing5All with.
Tiger Williams5All with.
Tommy Albelin4All with.
Ray Allison4All with.
Mikael Andersson4All with.
Murray Armstrong4All with.
Scott Arniel4All with.
Don Awrey4All with.
Garnet Bailey4All with.
Bobby Baun4All with.
Henry Boucha4All with.
Andre Boudrias4All with.
Carl Brewer4All with.
Jeff Brown4All with.
Ed Bruneteau4All with.
Bill Brydge4All with.
Eddie Burke4All with.
Larry Cahan4All with.
Kent Carlson4All with.
Randy Carlyle4All with.
Gene Carr4All with.
Real Chevrefils4All with.
Wendel Clark4All with.
Paul Coffey4All with.
Wayne Connelly4All with.
Mike Corrigan4All with.
Art Coulter4All with.
Gerry Couture4All with.
Gary Croteau4All with.
Nels Crutchfield4All with.
Cully Dahlstrom4All with.
Dinny Dinsmore4All with.
Bruce Driver4All with.
Art Duncan4All with.
Pelle Eklund4All with.
Brian Engblom4All with.
Brent Fedyk4All with.
George Ferguson4All with.
Norm Ferguson4All with.
Dunc Fisher4All with.
Lou Fontinato4All with.
Gerard Gallant4All with.
Danny Gare4All with.
Leo Gaudreault4All with.
Stew Gavin4All with.
Todd Gill4All with.
Pete Goegan4All with.
Bob Goldham4All with.
Ed Gorman4All with.
Ted Graham4All with.
Ted Green4All with.
Bengt Gustafsson4All with.
Ted Hampson4All with.
Rick Hampton4All with.
Billy Harris4All with.
Gizzy Hart4All with.
Kevin Hatcher4All with.
Alan Haworth4All with.
Ernie Hicke4All with.
Mike Hough4All with.
Fran Huck4All with.
Pat Hughes4All with.
Gary Jarrett4All with.
Pierre Jarry4All with.
Anders Kallur4All with.
Valeri Kamensky4All with.
Rick Kehoe4All with.
Jerry Korab4All with.
John Kordic4All with.
Slava Kozlov4All with.
Jason Lafreniere4All with.
Bobby Lalonde4All with.
Mike Lalor4All with.
Norm Larson4All with.
Reed Larson4All with.
Kevin LaVallee4All with.
Hakan Loob4All with.
Kilby MacDonald4All with.
David Maley4All with.
Greg Malone4All with.
John Marks4All with.
Eddie Mazur4All with.
Gary McAdam4All with.
Bert McCaffrey4All with.
Dale McCourt4All with.
Bucko McDonald4All with.
Randy McKay4All with.
Jim McKenny4All with.
Dave McLlwain4All with.
Scott Mellanby4All with.
Rudy Migay4All with.
Bill Miller4All with.
Alexander Mogilny4All with.
Bob Murdoch4All with.
Mike Murphy4All with.
Troy Murray4All with.
Vaclav Nedomansky4All with.
Ray Neufeld4All with.
Bill Nyrop4All with.
Bob Nystrom4All with.
Fredrik Olausson4All with.
Larry Patey4All with.
Cliff Pennington4All with.
Randy Pierce4All with.
Pierre Pilote4All with.
Gerry Plamondon4All with.
Rich Preston4All with.
Marcel Pronovost4All with.
Bill Quackenbush4All with.
Larry Regan4All with.
Paul Reinhart4All with.
Jeremy Roenick4All with.
Gary Sabourin4All with.
Don Saleski4All with.
Bobby Schmautz4All with.
Ron Sedlbauer4All with.
Gregg Sheppard4All with.
Reggie Sinclair4All with.
Doug Smail4All with.
Alex Smith4All with.
Stan Smyl4All with.
Steve Tambellini4All with.
Tony Tanti4All with.
Esa Tikkanen4All with.
Rick Tocchet4All with.
Ian Turnbull4All with.
Gene Ubriaco4All with.
Randy Wood4All with.
Peter Zezel4All with.
Syl Apps3All with.
Don Ashby3All with.
Josef Beranek3All with.
Gary Bergman3All with.
Serge Bernier3All with.
Leo Bourgeault3All with.
Phil Bourque3All with.
Brian Bradley3All with.
Donald Brashear3All with.
Adam Brown3All with.
Rob Brown3All with.
Stan Brown3All with.
Adam Burt3All with.
Walt Buswell3All with.
Dutch Cain3All with.
Bill Carse3All with.
Bert Connelly3All with.
Murray Craven3All with.
Randy Cunneyworth3All with.
Bob Dailey3All with.
Dan Daoust3All with.
Mal Davis3All with.
Jason Dawe3All with.
Bill Derlago3All with.
Herb Dickenson3All with.
Ted Donato3All with.
Kent Douglas3All with.
Jude Drouin3All with.
Norm Dupont3All with.
Tim Ecclestone3All with.
Pat Elynuik3All with.
Hap Emms3All with.
Bernie Federko3All with.
Theoren Fleury3All with.
Bryan Fogarty3All with.
Jimmy Fowler3All with.
Curt Fraser3All with.
Gord Fraser3All with.
Dave Gagner3All with.
Germain Gagnon3All with.
John Gallagher3All with.
Don Gallinger3All with.
Bob Girard3All with.
Fred Glover3All with.
Adam Graves3All with.
Reg Hamilton3All with.
Inge Hammarstrom3All with.
Buster Harvey3All with.
Ott Heller3All with.
Murray Henderson3All with.
Pat Hickey3All with.
Al Hill3All with.
Sean Hill3All with.
Larry Hillman3All with.
Lionel Hitchman3All with.
Ken HodgeJr3All with.
Pete Horeck3All with.
Jody Hull3All with.
Al Iafrate3All with.
Craig Janney3All with.
Ching Johnson3All with.
Mark Johnson3All with.
Wingy Johnston3All with.
Bill Juzda3All with.
Orest Kindrachuk3All with.
Kris King3All with.
Hobie Kitchen3All with.
Joe Klukay3All with.
Chris Kontos3All with.
Jim Korn3All with.
Uwe Krupp3All with.
Normand Lacombe3All with.
Claude LaForge3All with.
Pete Langelle3All with.
Al Langlois3All with.
Bob Leiter3All with.
Trevor Linden3All with.
Claude Loiselle3All with.
Gerry Lowrey3All with.
Dave Lumley3All with.
Jyrki Lumme3All with.
Pat Lundy3All with.
Blair MacDonald3All with.
Lowell MacDonald3All with.
Paul MacLean3All with.
Bob MacMillan3All with.
Bud MacPherson3All with.
Mikko Makela3All with.
Vladimir Malakhov3All with.
Keith McCreary3All with.
Duke McCurry3All with.
John McDonald3All with.
Al McDonough3All with.
Johnny McKinnon3All with.
Billy McNeill3All with.
Rick Meagher3All with.
Wayne Merrick3All with.
Mark Messier3All with.
Randy Moller3All with.
Garry Monahan3All with.
Alex Motter3All with.
Joe Nieuwendyk3All with.
Frank Nighbor3All with.
Mike O'Connell3All with.
Bill Orban3All with.
Joel Otto3All with.
Rosaire Paiement3All with.
Brad Park3All with.
Steve Patrick3All with.
Steve Payne3All with.
Garry Peters3All with.
Michel Petit3All with.
Gord Pettinger3All with.
Gerry Pinder3All with.
Michal Pivonka3All with.
Larry Playfair3All with.
Willi Plett3All with.
Peter Popovic3All with.
Patrick Poulin3All with.
Lynn Powis3All with.
Wayne Presley3All with.
Yves Racine3All with.
Paul Ranheim3All with.
Earl Reibel3All with.
Mike Ricci3All with.
Doug Roberts3All with.
Mike Rogers3All with.
Terry Ruskowski3All with.
Derek Sanderson3All with.
Pierre Sevigny3All with.
Ray Sheppard3All with.
Risto Siltanen3All with.
Joe Simpson3All with.
Petri Skriko3All with.
Pat Stapleton3All with.
Marian Stastny3All with.
Thomas Steen3All with.
Scott Stevens3All with.
Ralph Stewart3All with.
Red Stuart3All with.
Doug Sulliman3All with.
Bill Summerhill3All with.
Darryl Sutter3All with.
Rich Sutter3All with.
Bob Sweeney3All with.
Jim Thomson3All with.
Jack Valiquette3All with.
Elmer Vasko3All with.
Doug Volmar3All with.
Stan Weir3All with.
Glen Wesley3All with.
Larry Wilson3All with.
Alexei Yashin3All with.
Tim Young3All with.
Zarley Zalapski3All with.
Gene Achtymichuk2All with.
Fred Ahern2All with.
Clint Albright2All with.
Gary Aldcorn2All with.
Ron Anderson2All with.
Ron Andruff2All with.
Chuck Arnason2All with.
Ossie Asmundson2All with.
Walt Atanas2All with.
Dave Babych2All with.
Bill Barilko2All with.
Doug Barkley2All with.
Stu Barnes2All with.
Jim Bartlett2All with.
Bob Bassen2All with.
Bob Beckett2All with.
Jesse Belanger2All with.
Bruce Bell2All with.
Pete Bellefeuille2All with.
Curt Bennett2All with.
Perry Berezan2All with.
Louis Berlinquette2All with.
Jeff Beukeboom2All with.
Nick Beverley2All with.
Steve Black2All with.
Tom Bladon2All with.
Rick Blight2All with.
Doug Bodger2All with.
Wally Boyer2All with.
Connie Broden2All with.
Aaron Broten2All with.
David Bruce2All with.
Randy Bucyk2All with.
Hy Buller2All with.
Charlie Burns2All with.
Garth Butcher2All with.
Steve Cardwell2All with.
Wayne Carleton2All with.
Bill Carson2All with.
Lindsay Carson2All with.
John Chad2All with.
Guy Chouinard2All with.
Dino Ciccarelli2All with.
Terry Clancy2All with.
Sprague Cleghorn2All with.
Rey Comeau2All with.
Red Conn2All with.
Harry Connor2All with.
Joe Cooper2All with.
Yvon Corriveau2All with.
Doug Crossman2All with.
Denis Cyr2All with.
Alain Daigle2All with.
Mathieu Dandenault2All with.
Don Deacon2All with.
Al Dewsbury2All with.
Gerald Diduck2All with.
Bob Dillabough2All with.
Rob DiMaio2All with.
Jordy Douglas2All with.
Les Douglas2All with.
Herb Drury2All with.
Gaetan Duchesne2All with.
Rick Dudley2All with.
Donald Dufresne2All with.
Blake Dunlop2All with.
Dave Dunn2All with.
Frank Eddolls2All with.
Darryl Edestrand2All with.
Duke Edmundson2All with.
Nelson Emerson2All with.
Bryan Erickson2All with.
Roland Eriksson2All with.
Bob Errey2All with.
Sergei Fedorov2All with.
Mike Fidler2All with.
Joe Fisher2All with.
Tom Fitzgerald2All with.
Patrick Flatley2All with.
Dwight Foster2All with.
Harvey Fraser2All with.
Scott Fraser2All with.
Dan Frawley2All with.
Miroslav Frycer2All with.
Paul Gagne2All with.
Dutch Gainor2All with.
Garry Galley2All with.
Bill Gardner2All with.
Dave Gardner2All with.
Scott Garland2All with.
Steve Gatzos2All with.
Armand Gaudreault2All with.
Martin Gelinas2All with.
Gus Giesebrecht2All with.
Greg Gilbert2All with.
Stan Gilbertson2All with.
Paul Gillis2All with.
Art Giroux2All with.
Howie Glover2All with.
Warren Godfrey2All with.
Sammy Godin2All with.
Glenn Goldup2All with.
Steve Gotaas2All with.
Bob Gould2All with.
John Gould2All with.
Tony Graboski2All with.
Thomas Gradin2All with.
Tony Granato2All with.
Terry Gray2All with.
Red Green2All with.
Bob Gryp2All with.
Jocelyn Guevremont2All with.
Gilles Hamel2All with.
Dave Hannan2All with.
Gord Hannigan2All with.
Gerry Hart2All with.
Derian Hatcher2All with.
Anders Hedberg2All with.
Steve Heinze2All with.
Lorne Henning2All with.
Hal Hicks2All with.
Bobby Holik2All with.
Shorty Horne2All with.
Brent Hughes22All with.
Ron Huston2All with.
Dave Hutchison2All with.
Peter Ihnacak2All with.
Ted Irvine2All with.
Red Jackson2All with.
Mark Janssens2All with.
Bud Jarvis2All with.
Larry Jeffrey2All with.
Frank Jerwa2All with.
Greg Johnson2All with.
Ed Johnstone2All with.
Keith Jones2All with.
Patrik Juhlin2All with.
Joe Juneau2All with.
Vern Kaiser2All with.
Max Kaminsky2All with.
Duke Keats2All with.
Bob Kelly2All with.
J.-Bob Kelly2All with.
Pete Kelly2All with.
Forbes Kennedy2All with.
Tim Kerr2All with.
Veli-Pekka Ketola2All with.
Dmitri Khristich2All with.
Mark Kirton2All with.
Kelly Kisio2All with.
Petr Klima2All with.
Steve Kraftcheck2All with.
Rich Kromm2All with.
Mike Krushelnyski2All with.
Todd Krygier2All with.
Bob Kudelski2All with.
Mark Kumpel2All with.
Dan Labraaten2All with.
Chris Langevin2All with.
Jean-Marc Lanthier2All with.
Claude Lapointe2All with.
Igor Larionov2All with.
Jeff Larmer2All with.
Brian Lawton2All with.
Steve Leach2All with.
Art Lesieur2All with.
Bill Lesuk2All with.
Don Lever2All with.
Doug Lidster2All with.
Carl Lindberg2All with.
Eric Lindros2All with.
Bill Lochead2All with.
Gilles Lupien2All with.
Gary Lupul2All with.
George Lyle2All with.
Al MacInnis2All with.
Bill MacMillan2All with.
Craig MacTavish2All with.
Gus Mancuso2All with.
Moe Mantha2All with.
Daniel Marois2All with.
Peter Marsh2All with.
Terry Martin2All with.
Wayne Maxner2All with.
Brad Maxwell2All with.
Andrew McBain2All with.
Stan McCabe2All with.
Dan McCarthy2All with.
Kevin McClelland2All with.
Bill McCrearySr2All with.
Ken McRae2All with.
Pop McVicar2All with.
Larry Melnyk2All with.
Don Metz2All with.
Larry Mickey2All with.
Hib Milks2All with.
Corey Millen2All with.
Sandy Moger2All with.
Hartland Monahan2All with.
Rod Morrison2All with.
Gus Mortson2All with.
Don Murdoch2All with.
Bob Murray2All with.
Glen Murray2All with.
Ric Nattress2All with.
Jim Neilson2All with.
Lee Norwood2All with.
Chris Oddleifson2All with.
James Patrick2All with.
Mark Pavelich2All with.
Jim Peplinski2All with.
Yannick Perreault2All with.
Jorgen Pettersson2All with.
Pierre Plante2All with.
Shjon Podein2All with.
Dennis Polonich2All with.
Poul Popiel2All with.
Pat Price2All with.
Nelson Pyatt2All with.
Joel Quenneville2All with.
Dan Quinn2All with.
Herb Raglan2All with.
Rob Ramage2All with.
Mike Ramsey2All with.
Leo ReiseSr2All with.
Mike Ridley2All with.
Gus Rivers2All with.
Mickey Roach2All with.
Mario Roberge2All with.
Gary Roberts2All with.
Earl Roche2All with.
Bill Root2All with.
Rollie Rossignol2All with.
Lindy Ruff2All with.
Christian Ruuttu2All with.
Vladimir Ruzicka2All with.
Borje Salming2All with.
Chuck Scherza2All with.
Jim Schoenfeld2All with.
Dave Schultz2All with.
Alexander Selivanov2All with.
Joe Shack2All with.
Jerry Shannon2All with.
Glen Sharpley2All with.
Brad Shaw2All with.
David Shaw2All with.
Ilkka Sinisalo2All with.
Louis Sleigher2All with.
Ed Slowinski2All with.
Richard Smehlik2All with.
Dallas Smith2All with.
Derek Smith2All with.
Greg Smith2All with.
Rodger Smith2All with.
Stu Smith2All with.
Bryan Smolinski2All with.
Brian Spencer2All with.
Ron Stackhouse2All with.
Wally Stanowski2All with.
John Stewart2All with.
Gary Suter2All with.
Brian Sutter2All with.
Petr Sykora2All with.
Dean Talafous2All with.
Greg Terrion2All with.
Floyd Thomson2All with.
Ray Timgren2All with.
Dave Tippett2All with.
John Tonelli2All with.
Rene Trudell2All with.
John Tucker2All with.
Darren Turcotte2All with.
Aud Tuten2All with.
Randy Velischek2All with.
Vic Venasky2All with.
Dennis Ververgaert2All with.
Tim Watters2All with.
Eric Weinrich2All with.
John Wensink2All with.
Bill White2All with.
Art Wiebe2All with.
Behn Wilson2All with.
Craig Wolanin2All with.
Paul Woods2All with.
C.J. Young2All with.
Taffy Abel1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Perry Anderson1With St. Louis Blues.
Shawn Anderson1With Buffalo Sabres.
Ron Anderson(2)1With Washington Capitals.
Paul Andrea1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Al Arbour1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Jack Arbour1With Detroit Cougars.
Bob Armstrong1With Boston Bruins.
Mark Astley1With Buffalo Sabres.
Oscar Aubuchon1With New York Rangers.
Jamie Baker1With Ottawa Senators.
Earl Balfour1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Terry Ball1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Bob Barlow1With Minnesota North Stars.
Norm Barnes1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Dave Barr1With Detroit Red Wings.
John Barrett1With Washington Capitals.
Cliff Barton1With Philadelphia Quakers.
Norm Beaudin1With St. Louis Blues.
Barry Beck1With New York Rangers.
Neil Belland1With Vancouver Canucks.
Harvey Bennett1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Bill Benson1With New York Americans.
Michel Bergeron1With Detroit Red Wings.
Marc Bergevin1With Hartford Whalers.
Bo Berglund1With Quebec Nordiques.
Craig Berube1With Washington Capitals.
Wayne Bianchin1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Scott Bjugstad1With Minnesota North Stars.
Mike Blaisdell1With Detroit Red Wings.
Gregg Boddy1With Vancouver Canucks.
Garth Boesch1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Marc Boileau1With Detroit Red Wings.
Claude Boivin1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Hugh Bolton1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Radek Bonk1With Ottawa Senators.
Buddy Boone1With Boston Bruins.
George Boothman1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Chris Bordeleau1With Montreal Canadiens.
Paulin Bordeleau1With Vancouver Canucks.
Laurie Boschman1With Ottawa Senators.
Edmond Bouchard1With Hamilton Tigers.
Charlie Bourgeois1With Calgary Flames.
Pat Boutette1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Paul Boutilier1With New York Islanders.
Kirk Bowman1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Scotty Bowman1With Detroit Red Wings.
Billy Boyd1With New York Rangers.
Steve Bozek1With Vancouver Canucks.
Rick Bragnalo1With Washington Capitals.
Per-Olov Brasar1With Vancouver Canucks.
Buster Brayshaw1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Michel Briere1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Arnie Brown1With New York Islanders.
Connie Brown1With Detroit Red Wings.
Dave Brown1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Fred Brown1With Montreal Maroons.
Keith Brown1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Larry Brown1With Los Angeles Kings.
Cecil Browne1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Ted Bulley1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Pavel Bure1With Vancouver Canucks.
Marc Bureau1With Montreal Canadiens.
Dave Burrows1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Dick Butler1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Jerry Butler1With Vancouver Canucks.
Lyndon Byers1With Boston Bruins.
Mike Byers1With Los Angeles Kings.
Norm Calladine1With Boston Bruins.
Al Cameron1With Winnipeg Jets.
Scotty Cameron1With New York Rangers.
Bryan Campbell1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Colin Campbell1With Vancouver Canucks.
Terry Carkner1With Quebec Nordiques.
Keith Carney1With Buffalo Sabres.
Larry Carriere1With Buffalo Sabres.
Greg Carroll1With Hartford Whalers.
Jimmy Carson1With Edmonton Oilers.
John Carter1With Boston Bruins.
Bruce Cassidy1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Frantisek Cernik1With Detroit Red Wings.
Jose Charbonneau1With Montreal Canadiens.
Hank Ciesla1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Joe Cirella1With New Jersey Devils.
Bill Clement1With Atlanta Flames.
Roland Cloutier1With Detroit Red Wings.
Glen Cochrane1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Brian Conacher1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Pete Conacher1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Cam Connor1With Montreal Canadiens.
Bobby Connors1With Detroit Cougars.
Bud Cook1With Boston Bruins.
Ed Courtenay1With San Jose Sharks.
Mike Craig1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Terry Crisp1With St. Louis Blues.
Mike Crombeen1With St. Louis Blues.
John Cullen1With Hartford Whalers.
Glen Currie1With Washington Capitals.
Ian Cushenan1With Montreal Canadiens.
Mariusz Czerkawski1With Boston Bruins.
Ulf Dahlen1With New York Rangers.
Alexandre Daigle1With Ottawa Senators.
Brad Dalgarno1With New York Islanders.
Bunny Dame1With Montreal Canadiens.
Mike Dark1With St. Louis Blues.
Evgeny Davydov1With Ottawa Senators.
Eric Daze1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Adam Deadmarsh1With Quebec Nordiques.
Barry Dean1With Colorado Rockies.
Ron Delorme1With Colorado Rockies.
Ab DeMarcoJr1With Vancouver Canucks.
Pavol Demitra1With Ottawa Senators.
Bill Dineen1With Detroit Red Wings.
Tie Domi1With Winnipeg Jets.
John Doran1With New York Americans.
Andre Dore1With New York Rangers.
Jim Dorey1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jim Dowd1With New Jersey Devils.
Gilles Dube1With Montreal Canadiens.
Steve Duchesne1With Ottawa Senators.
Luc Dufour1With Quebec Nordiques.
Lorne Duguid1With Montreal Maroons.
Denis Dupere1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Andre Dupont1With Quebec Nordiques.
Mike Eagles1With Quebec Nordiques.
Dave Ellett1With Winnipeg Jets.
Jan Erixon1With New York Rangers.
Darryl Evans1With Los Angeles Kings.
Jack Evans1With New York Rangers.
Bill Fairbairn1With St. Louis Blues.
Pat Falloon1With San Jose Sharks.
Mario Faubert1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Glen Featherstone1With Boston Bruins.
Craig Ferguson1With Montreal Canadiens.
Jeff Finley1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Steven Finn1With Quebec Nordiques.
Lee FogolinSr1With Detroit Red Wings.
Gerry Foley1With New York Rangers.
Dave Forbes1With Boston Bruins.
Gus Forslund1With Ottawa Senators (original).
Marc Fortier1With Quebec Nordiques.
Nick Fotiu1With Hartford Whalers.
Greg Fox1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Frank Foyston1With Detroit Cougars.
Lou Franceschetti1With Washington Capitals.
Mark Freer1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Irv Frew1With Montreal Maroons.
Dan Fridgen1With Hartford Whalers.
Robbie Ftorek1With Quebec Nordiques.
Michel Galarneau1With Hartford Whalers.
Perry Ganchar1With Montreal Canadiens.
Paul Gardner1With Colorado Rockies.
Brad Gassoff1With Vancouver Canucks.
Dan Geoffrion1With Winnipeg Jets.
Barry Gibbs1With Minnesota North Stars.
Curt Giles1With Minnesota North Stars.
Randy Gilhen1With Florida Panthers.
Brian Glennie1With Los Angeles Kings.
Brian Glynn1With Edmonton Oilers.
Sergei Gonchar1With Washington Capitals.
Fred Gordon1With Detroit Cougars.
Tom Gorence1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Dirk Graham1With Minnesota North Stars.
Norm Gratton1With Buffalo Sabres.
Hilliard Graves1With California Golden Seals.
Lucien Grenier1With Montreal Canadiens.
Lloyd Gross1With Detroit Red Wings.
Jim Haggerty1With Montreal Canadiens.
Haldor Halderson1With Detroit Cougars.
Bob Halkidis1With Buffalo Sabres.
Murray Hall1With Vancouver Canucks.
Mats Hallin1With New York Islanders.
Jean Hamel1With Montreal Canadiens.
Al Hamilton1With Buffalo Sabres.
Jackie Hamilton1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ken Hammond1With Ottawa Senators.
Alan Hangsleben1With Washington Capitals.
John Hanna1With New York Rangers.
Hago Harrington1With Montreal Canadiens.
Jim Harrison1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Mike Hartman1With Buffalo Sabres.
Greg Hawgood1With Boston Bruins.
Jim Hay1With Detroit Red Wings.
Fern Headley1With Boston Bruins.
Mark Heaslip1With New York Rangers.
Raimo Helminen1With New York Rangers.
Bob Hess1With St. Louis Blues.
Obs Heximer1With Boston Bruins.
Vic Heyliger1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Glenn Hicks1With Detroit Red Wings.
Tim Higgins1With New Jersey Devils.
Jamie Hislop1With Quebec Nordiques.
Ivan Hlinka1With Vancouver Canucks.
Bill Hogaboam1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bill Holmes1With Montreal Canadiens.
Toots Holway1With Pittsburgh Pirates.
Greg Hotham1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Doug Houda1With Hartford Whalers.
Bill Houlder1With Buffalo Sabres.
Ken Houston1With Atlanta Flames.
Don Howse1With Los Angeles Kings.
Jiri Hrdina1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Tony Hrkac1With Quebec Nordiques.
Charlie Huddy1With Edmonton Oilers.
Dave Hudson1With Colorado Rockies.
Mike Hudson1With St. Louis Blues.
Ron Hudson1With Detroit Red Wings.
Al Huggins1With Montreal Maroons.
Al Hughes1With New York Americans.
Dave Hunter1With Edmonton Oilers.
Ron Hurst1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Miroslav Ihnacak1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Frank Ingram1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Don Jackson1With Edmonton Oilers.
Hal Jackson1With Detroit Red Wings.
Jim Jackson1With Calgary Flames.
Gerry James1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Lou Jankowski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Doug Jarrett1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Joe Jerwa1With New York Americans.
Calle Johansson1With Washington Capitals.
Don Johns1With New York Rangers.
Al Johnson1With Detroit Red Wings.
Craig Johnson1With St. Louis Blues.
Danny Johnson1With Vancouver Canucks.
Virgil Johnson1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Bernie Johnston1With Hartford Whalers.
Joey Johnston1With California Golden Seals.
Stan Jonathan1With Boston Bruins.
Ron Jones1With Washington Capitals.
Tomas Jonsson1With New York Islanders.
Chris Joseph1With Edmonton Oilers.
Bob Joyce1With Boston Bruins.
Eddie Kachur1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Bingo Kampman1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Paul Kariya1With Anaheim Ducks.
Jackie Keating1With New York Americans.
Red Keating1With Detroit Red Wings.
Larry Keenan1With St. Louis Blues.
Jarmo Kekalainen1With Ottawa Senators.
Ralph Keller1With New York Rangers.
Bill Kendall1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Alan Kerr1With New York Islanders.
Yuri Khmylev1With Buffalo Sabres.
Ken Kilrea1With Detroit Red Wings.
Derek King1With New York Islanders.
Frank King1With Montreal Canadiens.
Bobby Kirk1With New York Rangers.
Ralph Klassen1With St. Louis Blues.
Steve Konowalchuk1With Washington Capitals.
Steve Konroyd1With Calgary Flames.
Mike Korney1With Detroit Red Wings.
Chris Kotsopoulos1With Hartford Whalers.
Don Kozak1With Los Angeles Kings.
Skip Krake1With Los Angeles Kings.
Sergei Krivokrasov1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Joe Krol1With New York Americans.
Ed Kryzanowski1With Boston Bruins.
Nick Kypreos1With Hartford Whalers.
Jim Kyte1With Winnipeg Jets.
Gord Labossiere1With Minnesota North Stars.
Yvon Labre1With Washington Capitals.
Andre Lacroix1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Pete Laframboise1With California Golden Seals.
Hec Lalande1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Dan Lambert1With Quebec Nordiques.
Lane Lambert1With Detroit Red Wings.
Darren Langdon1With New York Rangers.
Rick Lanz1With Vancouver Canucks.
Rick Lapointe1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Steve Larmer1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Paul Lawless1With Hartford Whalers.
Derek Laxdal1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Hal Laycoe1With Montreal Canadiens.
Jim Leavins1With Detroit Red Wings.
Patrick Lebeau1With Montreal Canadiens.
Jean-Paul LeBlanc1With Detroit Red Wings.
Rene LeClerc1With Detroit Red Wings.
Doug Lecuyer1With Winnipeg Jets.
Grant Ledyard1With Buffalo Sabres.
Bryan Lefley1With Colorado Rockies.
Antero Lehtonen1With Washington Capitals.
Moe Lemay1With Vancouver Canucks.
Alain Lemieux1With St. Louis Blues.
Jean Lemieux1With Washington Capitals.
Curtis Leschyshyn1With Quebec Nordiques.
Alex Levinsky1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Nicklas Lidstrom1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bill Lindsay1With Florida Panthers.
Willy Lindstrom1With Winnipeg Jets.
Norm Locking1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Andrei Lomakin1With Florida Panthers.
Troy Loney1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Clem Loughlin1With Detroit Cougars.
Ross Lowe1With Montreal Canadiens.
Fred Lowrey1With Montreal Maroons.
Jan Ludvig1With New Jersey Devils.
Pentti Lund1With New York Rangers.
Len Lunde1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Jack Lynch1With Detroit Red Wings.
Vic Lynn1With Boston Bruins.
Al MacAdam1With Cleveland Barons.
Norm MacIver1With Ottawa Senators.
John MacMillan1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Al MacNeil1With Montreal Canadiens.
Keith Magnuson1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Kevin Maguire1With Buffalo Sabres.
Sergei Makarov1With Calgary Flames.
Wayne Maki1With Vancouver Canucks.
Troy Mallette1With Ottawa Senators.
Dave Maloney1With New York Rangers.
Phil Maloney1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Kris Manery1With Cleveland Barons.
Randy Manery1With Los Angeles Kings.
Hector Marini1With New Jersey Devils.
Frank Mario1With Boston Bruins.
Nevin Markwart1With Boston Bruins.
Mario Marois1With Quebec Nordiques.
Gilles Marotte1With Boston Bruins.
Brad Marsh1With Detroit Red Wings.
Ronnie Martin1With New York Americans.
Charlie Mason1With New York Rangers.
George Massecar1With New York Americans.
Stephane Matteau1With St. Louis Blues.
Bryan Maxwell1With Winnipeg Jets.
Alan May1With Washington Capitals.
Brad May1With Buffalo Sabres.
Eddie McCalmon1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Kevin McCarthy1With Vancouver Canucks.
Tom McCarthy1With Minnesota North Stars.
Bob McCord1With Detroit Red Wings.
John McCreedy1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Hubie McDonough1With New York Islanders.
Shawn McEachern1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Mike McEwen1With New York Rangers.
Jack McGill21With Boston Bruins.
Bert McInenly1With New York Americans.
Jim McKenzie1With Hartford Whalers.
Alex McKinnon1With New York Americans.
Jack McLean1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jack McLeod1With New York Rangers.
Mike McMahonJr1With Minnesota North Stars.
Bryan McSheffrey1With Vancouver Canucks.
Marty McSorley1With Los Angeles Kings.
Jim McTaggart1With Washington Capitals.
Dick Meissner1With Boston Bruins.
Howie Menard1With Los Angeles Kings.
Mike Milbury1With Boston Bruins.
Mike Millar1With Hartford Whalers.
Warren Miller1With Hartford Whalers.
John Miszuk1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Mike Modano1With Minnesota North Stars.
Bill Moe1With New York Rangers.
Lars Molin1With Vancouver Canucks.
Mike Moller1With Buffalo Sabres.
Stephane Morin1With Quebec Nordiques.
Moe Morris1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
George Morrison1With St. Louis Blues.
Grant Mulvey1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Paul Mulvey1With Washington Capitals.
Craig Muni1With Edmonton Oilers.
Bob Murdoch21With California Golden Seals.
Gord Murphy1With Florida Panthers.
Joe Murphy1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Bob Neely1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Sergei Nemchinov1With New York Rangers.
Mike Neville1With New York Americans.
Rob Niedermayer1With Florida Panthers.
Kraig Nienhuis1With Boston Bruins.
Jim Nill1With St. Louis Blues.
Kent Nilsson1With Atlanta Flames.
Robert Nordmark1With Vancouver Canucks.
Hank Nowak1With Boston Bruins.
Michael Nylander1With Hartford Whalers.
Don O'Donoghue1With California Golden Seals.
Jeff Odgers1With San Jose Sharks.
Janne Ojanen1With New Jersey Devils.
Gates Orlando1With Buffalo Sabres.
Jimmy Orlando1With Detroit Red Wings.
George Owen1With Boston Bruins.
Sandis Ozolinsh1With Colorado Avalanche.
Doug Palazzari1With St. Louis Blues.
Rob Palmer1With Los Angeles Kings.
George Parsons1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Dusan Pasek1With Minnesota North Stars.
Rick Paterson1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Craig Patrick1With Washington Capitals.
Denis Pederson1With New Jersey Devils.
Brian Perry1With Oakland Seals.
Jimmy PetersJr1With Los Angeles Kings.
Robert Petrovicky1With Hartford Whalers.
Eric Pettinger1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Harold Phillipoff1With Atlanta Flames.
Dave Pichette1With Quebec Nordiques.
Rich Pilon1With New York Islanders.
Barclay Plager1With St. Louis Blues.
Hugh Plaxton1With Montreal Maroons.
Don Poile1With Detroit Red Wings.
Mike Polich1With Minnesota North Stars.
Tracy Pratt1With Vancouver Canucks.
Noel Price1With Atlanta Flames.
Keith Primeau1With Detroit Red Wings.
Fido Purpur1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Pat Quinn1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Stephane Quintal1With Montreal Canadiens.
Paul Raymond1With Montreal Canadiens.
George Redding1With Boston Bruins.
Dick Redmond1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Joe Reekie1With Buffalo Sabres.
Tom Reid1With Minnesota North Stars.
Leo ReiseJr1With Detroit Red Wings.
Mikael Renberg1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Steven Rice1With Hartford Whalers.
Gary Rissling1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Al Rittinger1With Boston Bruins.
Bobby Rivard1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
George Robertson1With Montreal Canadiens.
Doug Robinson1With New York Rangers.
Mike Robitaille1With Vancouver Canucks.
Desse Roche1With Ottawa Senators (original).
Normand Rochefort1With Quebec Nordiques.
Eddie Rodden1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Doug Rombough1With Buffalo Sabres.
Cliff Ronning1With St. Louis Blues.
Randy Rota1With Los Angeles Kings.
Bob Rouse1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Tom Rowe1With Detroit Red Wings.
Jason Ruff1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Reijo Ruotsalainen1With New York Rangers.
Larry Sacharuk1With St. Louis Blues.
Rocky Saganiuk1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ulf Samuelsson1With Hartford Whalers.
Jim Sandlak1With Vancouver Canucks.
Everett Sanipass1With Quebec Nordiques.
Dick Sarrazin1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Norm Schmidt1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Ron Schock1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Enio Sclisizzi1With Detroit Red Wings.
Ganton Scott1With Montreal Maroons.
Laurie Scott1With New York Americans.
Al Secord1With Boston Bruins.
Rod Seiling1With New York Rangers.
Teemu Selanne1With Winnipeg Jets.
Brit Selby1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Alexander Semak1With New Jersey Devils.
Anatoli Semenov1With Edmonton Oilers.
Jeff Sharples1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bill Shill1With Boston Bruins.
Jack Shill1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Dave Silk1With New York Rangers.
Mike Sillinger1With Anaheim Ducks.
Mike Siltala1With Washington Capitals.
Chris Simon1With Quebec Nordiques.
Al Sims1With Hartford Whalers.
Ville Siren1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Rick Smith1With Boston Bruins.
Steve Smith1With Edmonton Oilers.
Kevin Smyth1With Hartford Whalers.
Dave Snuggerud1With Buffalo Sabres.
Irv Spencer1With Detroit Red Wings.
Frank Spring1With Cleveland Barons.
Andy Spruce1With Colorado Rockies.
Frank St. Marseille1With St. Louis Blues.
Harold Starr1With Montreal Maroons.
Kevin Stevens1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Jack Stoddard1With New York Rangers.
Neil Strain1With New York Rangers.
Peter Sundstrom1With New Jersey Devils.
Bill Sutherland1With St. Louis Blues.
Ken Sutton1With Buffalo Sabres.
George Swarbrick1With Oakland Seals.
Don Sweeney1With Boston Bruins.
Dale Tallon1With Vancouver Canucks.
Don Tannahill1With Vancouver Canucks.
Ted Taylor1With Minnesota North Stars.
Tim Taylor1With Detroit Red Wings.
Mats Thelin1With Boston Bruins.
Fred Thurier1With New York Americans.
German Titov1With Calgary Flames.
Keith Tkachuk1With Winnipeg Jets.
Kevin Todd1With New Jersey Devils.
Zellio Toppazzini1With New York Rangers.
Antti Tormanen1With Ottawa Senators.
Bob Trapp1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Tim Trimper1With Winnipeg Jets.
Brian Tutt1With Washington Capitals.
Oleg Tverdovsky1With Anaheim Ducks.
Garry Valk1With Anaheim Ducks.
Ed Van Impe1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Yvon Vautour1With New Jersey Devils.
Vladimir Vujtek1With Edmonton Oilers.
Wes Walz1With Boston Bruins.
Gord Wappel1With Calgary Flames.
Dixon Ward1With Vancouver Canucks.
Joe Watson1With Boston Bruins.
Don Webster1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Tom Webster1With Detroit Red Wings.
Doug Weight1With New York Rangers.
Jay Wells1With New York Rangers.
Jim Wiemer1With Boston Bruins.
Don Willson1With Montreal Canadiens.
Ron Wilson1With Montreal Canadiens.
Wally Wilson1With Boston Bruins.
Ron Wilson21With Minnesota North Stars.
Steve Wojciechowski1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bob Woytowich1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
John Wright1With Vancouver Canucks.
Terry Yake1With Hartford Whalers.
Paul Ysebaert1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Dmitri Yushkevich1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Ron Zanussi1With Minnesota North Stars.
Valeri Zelepukin1With New Jersey Devils.
Rick Zombo1With Detroit Red Wings.
Sergei Zubov1With New York Rangers.

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